Gays Threaten Violence Against Christians

12 11 2009


Demonic gays

Scene from a gay rights march


Pete Chagnon – 11/10/2009 –

The FBI is investigating terrorism threats posted on a homosexual blog that appear to be aimed at Christians.

Pro-family activists have drawn attention to a disturbing exchange on a homosexual blog run by Joe Jervis of New York. The exchange takes place between individuals named Fritz and Tex in the comment section of a blog discussing the Maine homosexual marriage defeat and pro-family activists Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. LaBarbera says the two commentators discussed carrying out acts of terrorism against Christians.

“One guy [Fritz] sort of raises [the concept] and says, ‘well, if Obama doesn’t give us what we want, you are going to see a very real potential for violence’ — to quote his words…and then he says, ‘well, that is not a good thing,'” LaBarbera reports. “Then another activist comes back and says, ‘Well what’s wrong with that?'” (See sample of blog comments below)

In this online conversation, Fritz goes on to say, “This happens in all cases where people are oppressed and lack representation. Our President must wake up and prevent this from happening. Otherwise we will end up like Israel and Palestine. We will have gay and lesbian people strapping bombs to their chests and blowing up churches. All it will take is one or two more losses like this. If marriage equality is taken away in one of the landmark states, we will see domestic terrorism arise very quickly….In 1991, I witnessed gay and lesbian activists setting fire to buildings and beating people with baseball bats in Los Angeles.”

Tex replies, “Still not seeing this as a bad thing Fritz…[African gay activists] didn’t gain their civil rights through being passive.”

LaBarbera goes on to say that he and Barber were then mentioned by name. Tex then contends that “maybe a bit of well organized terrorism is just what we need.”

“So you actually have a homosexual activist named Tex on this hateful JoeMyGod website in New York, actually endorsing the idea of violence against pro-family leaders,” Labarbera says.

According to Barber, the FBI was alerted to the blog and is investigating the incident. In the wake of the Fort Hood shootings, Barber contends that these threats need to be taken seriously.

In a press release from Liberty Counsel, Barber further notes that another pro-family activist, Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage, was also targeted. “A number of posters got on his website and actually called for acts of — quote — ‘organized terrorism against Christians,'” explains Barber.

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12 11 2009

This proves to me that we need “Hate crimes legislation” for Christians!


P.S. I know I’m supposed to forgive, turn the other cheek and all that good stuff, but I’m getting closer to my breaking point. This is the kind of crap that liberalism has brought us!

12 11 2009
Tom in NC

I’m one of those Christians and guess what I am not passive and what you light-in-the-loafer-leftist need to know that an attack against one of us, against one of our churches, or against one of our leaders, is an attack against all of us, and will be met overwhelming force.

The absolute one thing you don’t want is a heavily armed Christian drawing down on you because once we have you in the crosshairs, you can kiss your ass goodbye.

12 11 2009

Hate crimes legislation for Christians has existed for 40 years.

Please read the Federal Hate Crimes Act Of 1969.

“The absolute one thing you don’t want is a heavily armed Christian drawing down on you because once we have you in the crosshairs, you can kiss your ass goodbye.”

That is a MUCH more violent threat that the one excerpted in this blog post.

I am calling the FBI!

12 11 2009

Thank you for the Hate Crimes Act link! Seriously, I did NOT know Hate Crime legislation covered religion. Now I must dig into the numbers to see how many crimes were written-up as Christian. You and I know that laws can be selectively applied.

Call the FBI, cause I’m fairly certain they watch this blog from time to time anyway. Besides, there was no direct threat made to anyone. How I took what the poster wrote was… If gays (or anyone else) want to throw down against Christians, that we will defend ourselves with everything we have.

You see, normally we quiet, go about our business, Conservative Christian types, would turn the other cheek and pray for some solace. But thanks to the most radical president (Obama) this country has ever elected, we are now on full alert. So this may be a bad time for any group to try and go after Christians. We are NOT in the mood to turn the other cheek!


12 11 2009
Tom in NC

Gio, sorry if I caused any problem with your site with what I wrote, you’re right I didn’t make a direct threat against anyone but at the same time I wouldn’t want you to take any heat any comment I post, it’s just that I read things like that article and the anger just grows in me. I would not commit violence against someone just solely based on sexual preference, race, etc, but I will defend against any act committed against a fellow Christian, and that is one thing I will not apologize for.

12 11 2009


No worries (can’t help myself, I just love that phrase).

I have a feel for where you are coming from because I have read everything you have sent to the blog, so that’s why I felt comfortable defending you. And, I am in the same boat as you are. Collectively, we can say with confidence that we have had enough and will no longer turn the other cheek just to get our heads smashed in by a hidden hammer.

If I hear from the FBI I’ll just tell them you moved to ‘Tahiti’.


12 11 2009

Vowing we will defend ourselves if attacked is neither a hate crime reportable to the FBI, nor is it threat. Quite the opposite. It will dissuade violence by those who mean to do us harm.

If “Joe” can’t make those conceptual distinctions, then he is cognitively challenged!

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