X-Treme Bad Obama News

11 11 2009

This just came across the wires…

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama does not plan to accept any of the Afghanistan war options presented by his national security team, pushing instead for revisions to clarify how and when U.S. troops would turn over responsibility to the Afghan government, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

Complete story here.

It looks as if Obama is about to surrender to the Taliban. For the soldiers that gave their lives in Afghanistan I weep.

Please excuse my very poor attitude at hearing this news… I cannot stand the thought that this man (Obama) is the leader of our country. It shames me to hear people call him “Mr. President”!





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11 11 2009

No surprise that this info “leaked” on Veterans Day…The Traitor has no respect for our military. And I’m not surprised he’s taken this route. Heck, he’s doing everything possible to destroy us from within and abroad.

I despise The Traitor with every ounce of my being…

11 11 2009

I always knew Obama was a surrender monkey.


11 11 2009
Tom in NC

Well it should come as no surprise, we all know that this maggot is a coward, has no guts to fight a sworn enemy of this country, knows only to tuck tail and run when the going gets tough. We can only hope that our brave men and women are seeing this POS for what he is, a traitor that had no intention of winning the war in Afghanistan, just another in a long line of broken campaign promises.

So for all you GI’s that fought in Afghanistan, were wounded and or lost limbs in battle there, for all the families that lost loved ones there or are caring for a loved one wounded there, for all the families of the 9/11 victims, here is your one way ticket to be run over by the wheels of the bus that our Maggot-in-Chief has thrown you under. All your sacrifices, all your pain and suffering has just been made irrelevant and the maggot has just surrendered to the Taliban and al Queda.

So when the coming revolution takes place we hope you remember who supported you and who turned their back on you and act accordingly.

11 11 2009

I said a couple of weeks ago on this blog that my prediction was 5000 to help train the Afghan Army. When I saw the report from CBS that the likely result was 34,000 or so, my first thought was “trial balloon”; and I think I was right on that. My guess is the back-channel uprising by the hard left was quite bitter today.

I’m holding with the 5000. I foresee the announcement including something like:

“We’ll be sending some additional troops, in the neighborhood of 5000, to help bring the Afghan Army up to speed. I don’t wish to send more young Americans into harm’s way if we don’t have some kind of guarantee regarding the stability of the Afghan Government.”

Thank you President Johnson for your thoughtful politicking.

12 11 2009


Until I got to the last line of your post, I was going to say that we have heard that story before.

It appears there are far too many in this country who don’t learn anything from history.


12 11 2009

…and by their very nature, doomed to repeat it.

12 11 2009

It was bad enough having a draft dodger as CinC, but now we have a coward with a huge yellow stripe down his back. I heard this morning that Afghanistan has become an “unpopular war,” and I think bho is afraid of the repercussions from his so-called base if he sends any more troops. Why can’t he just bring our soldiers home instead of getting them killed?

My heart goes out to all our troops, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

12 11 2009

Maybe I’m asking for to much, but I hope that this POS chokes on a chicken bone!

12 11 2009


Not a chance. From what I understand he has a fondness for Kobe Beef. Chicken is food for the peasants. You know… for you and me.


12 11 2009

Then there’s Obama’s fondness for arugula!

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