Dunn’s Done?

11 11 2009

Anita Dunn

Here’s a  small victory we can savor on this Veterans’ Day.

Anita Dunn — Obama’s creepy snake-tongued (see this video) “communications czar” and admirer of dictator/mass-murderer Mao Zedong — tendered her resignation, effective as of the end of this month.

Alas, her resignation is probably just window dressing. According to ABC News, Dunn will continue as a “consultant to the White House advising with long-term communications planning and other strategic issues.”

ABC also says that by ditching her formal title of White House communications director, it will make it more likely that her bubby, Bob Bauer, will be the new White House counsel. Bauer is presently Obama’s personal attorney.

So, our victory may be more illusory than real?





6 responses

11 11 2009
Doc's Wife

According to Glen Beck today, she will still keep her office in the White House. She apparently has taken a job w/ a wealthy law firm. I do not believe we have heard the last of this evil, crazy lizard-tongued woman!

11 11 2009

No we have not, and you are correct Anita Dunn, like Van Jones both has been tucked out of the way but are still performing like the good little drones they are.

11 11 2009


You mean good little Commie drones, right?



11 11 2009

I stand corrected sir!

11 11 2009

That’s alright, as there are plenty of Maoists they can pick from to replace her.

Obama’s has a Blackberry full of them.


12 11 2009

Blackberry? I thought he gave that up along with his spine, courage, and love for country.

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