Keep The People Dumb & Happy

10 11 2009

Design by BobKeyser

The House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Barney Frank, wants to keep the American people in the dark about threats to our financial system.

Last Thursday, November 5, 2009, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) offered an amendment that specifically deletes a provision in the Financial Stability Improvement Act of 2009.

Draft versions of the bill originally had called for the proposed overseer of threats to the entire financial system to prepare an annual report to Congress describing, among other things, “significant financial market developments and potential emerging threats to the stability of the financial system.” Meeks’ amendment deleted that language, thereby ensuring that Congress — and by extension the American people — will not be informed when and if our financial system is in danger.

The amendment was unanimously approved by a voice vote in the Financial Services Committee.

These are some “representatives,” aren’t they? And…didn’t Obama promise us “transparency” of government?

All lies.

To read the article on this, go HERE.





7 responses

10 11 2009

If you ask me, slobberin’ Bawney Fwank and Chrissy-poo Dodd are the two largest threats to our financial system.


10 11 2009

Eowyn that picture is so bad I almost forgot to read your post. You and Gio can sure pick `em. 🙂

10 11 2009


Credit goes to ex-Marine Bob Keyser, who is simply ingenious!

The best way we can get back at Barneyzilla et al is to ridicule them. LOL

10 11 2009

Sometimes I think that ignorance might be bliss. My hair is turning more grey every single minute and I’m down to my last two nerves. 🙂

10 11 2009


Patriotism sometimes requires self-sacrifice. Like you, I get stressed and distraught following the relentless bad news. Steve is having a meltdown and will have to take a few days off.

But I’d never trade our suffering for ignorant bliss. Never!

We must keep on truckin’

It took DECADES for the Left to corrupt all our institutions. But we have many many very smart and capable people on our side. And we will prevail!

10 11 2009

Eowyn: I’m not giving up. Today I bought postcards to send to all the Senators, especially the dems, concerning the health care bill. I’ll try to mail them Thursday since tomorrow is a holiday (and it’s also my Dad’s birthday – he’s retired Army so it’s a double holiday for him!)

10 11 2009

That’s great, Muffin!

To borrow one of Gio’s expressions, you’re da bomb! 😀

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