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10 11 2009

peoplefortheamericanwayEarlier today I posted an article in which Comrade Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was heard making statements about how women are repulsed by the GOP. This maroon of a woman has now been followed-up by a mailing put out by the Marxist Organization known as “People for the American Way” . These anti-life-anti-Americans want you to sign a petition. Why? Because we all know how important it is for taxpayers to pay for the murder of millions of unwanted babies. (Please excuse the sarcasm).

From a “People for the American Way” email I received a short time ago.


People for the American Way

Over the weekend, anti-choice members of the House of Representatives decided that instead of a chisel, they would take a jackhammer to women’s rights.

Entangling anti-choice politics with health care reform, an amendment was added at the last minute to the health care reform bill that passed the House on Saturday. The Stupak-Pitts amendment takes the incredibly audacious step of making it virtually impossible for private insurance companies participating in the new health care system to cover abortion services. This effectively denies women the right to use their own personal funds to purchase an insurance plan that includes abortion coverage.

We cannot let this amendment survive in the Senate.

Sen. Reid can help by making sure the Stupak amendment is not included in the bill that is brought to the Senate floor and that any effort to insert the language is defeated. It’s vital that he and other senators take this important stand for women — their rights and their health.

While the advance of much-needed health care reform legislation should be celebrated, this added provision is incredibly dangerous and undermines freedom of choice in this country. It is a radical departure from current law and must be rejected.

We are not talking about the public funding of abortions — we are talking about the government banning abortion in the new health care system, effectively taking the right to choose from many women.

This is one we can’t lose.

Please join our petition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid urging him to help keep this provision out of the Senate bill.




3 responses

11 11 2009

Gio, no point including the link with the quick facts…facts are not processed by the liberal mind…

I will never understand why a person thinks abortion is about a woman’s right and her health without addressing their responsibility as well (for those not raped).

11 11 2009


Check out the link at the very end of this piece. You will find it interesting…


11 11 2009

Well good to see that. My statement was intended for the liberals where responsibility never factors into their argument.

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