A Traitor Named Joe

8 11 2009

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8 11 2009

He was up for recall by by voters for not voting for stimulus ,either way he was going to loose his job maybe repubs gave him a pass.The bad thing about this is if another Republican is voted in, in a very dem. district all the have to do is recall the vote . this is going to be a very tricky election in 2010

9 11 2009

I’ve read quite a few commentaries about this guy since he voted Democrat last night. Nice guy. Principled. Represents a district that is 75% Dem and 62% black. Made a deal for more funds for the area, all, of course, to benefit his constituents.

He broke ranks. Simple as that. 176 Republicans voted against PelosiCare. 1 did not. Certainly many of the 176 Republicans represent some very blue areas, or at least strongly purple ones. They held strong. Cao did not. What does it say about this man’s opponent in the last election that he could win as a Republican representing demographics like he does in one of the bluest cities in the country, New Orleans? Cao should have run as a Democrat. Arlen Cao should switch parties. Arlen Cao is a traitor. Goodbye Cao.

9 11 2009

Just saw Cao on Fox & Friends. He stated that bho called him at noon on Saturday to discuss what Cao’s district needed. From this statement, it seems that Cao was bought and paid for. IMHO.

9 11 2009

Bye Bye Birdie!
We’re gonna miss you so.
Wish ya didn’t hafta go-o-o-o-o!
Wish ya didn’t hafta go!

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