Health Care BS Open Thread

7 11 2009

Thanks Obama!

I’m not the only one that is downright furious at Obama and his scum-bag Democrat water carriers, so here’s a place to vent about todays happenings over Obamacare!


I have read the supposed reports that came out of their meeting today, and I’m positive the real truth has been buried today for the Obama version of the truth.

Please try to keep it as clean as humanly possible.




49 responses

8 11 2009

I did not mean to sound crushed………..I meant to sound like it’s time to “Refresh the tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike”……….Thomas Jefferson…

8 11 2009
10 11 2009

It’s been three days since this latest obamanation passed in the House, and I still cannot post my thoughts on same, as they are decidedly unprintable.


11 11 2009

In an email from one of my senators today…(emphasis mine)

“This legislation helps make health care affordable, reduces the federal deficit by $81 billion, guarantees that patients can choose which doctor they want to see, and helps make high-quality, affordable health care coverage available to all Americans. Currently, 94 percent of America’s insurance markets are dominated by just one or two insurance companies and do not have the competition we need to lower costs and improve coverage.”

Aren’t there like 1300 insurance companies and they can’t compete because they can’t sell intrastate (or inter?) because of some federal commerce law in the Constitution? These commies need to go in the next election…

11 11 2009

Reduces the deficit by $81 Billion my rear-end! Who is this jerk?


11 11 2009

Maria “Cantdowell” aka Maria Cantwell…

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