Army Base Killer A Hero

6 11 2009

H/T for this one goes to DCG.

WARNING: This is really going to piss you off, so if you don’t want your blood pressure to go up, or you don’t want to be accused of being involved with hyping a Muslim story, then I strongly suggest you to skip the rest of this post.

Please Note: The words and graphics below were copied directly from a website at Giovanni’sWorld does NOT agree with anything written below. We are only posting this to show people how devoid of God these people are. 


An Officer & a Gentleman

Friday, 06 November 2009 00:24 Revolution Muslim

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Major Nidal Hasan M.D.

An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a preemptive* attack.

Get Well Soon Major Nidal

We Love You


We do NOT denounce this officer’s actions,we do however apologize for the following acts committed by our country:

Bay of Tonkin

The East Timor Massacre by USA Supported Suharto

1902 Samar Massacre in the Philippines by the USMC

1,000,000 Dead Iraqis

Afghani & Pakistanis Killed by the USA

Starvation of Africa & Rape of it’s Resources by the USA

Support of the Brutal “Israeli” Occupation Entity

Etc. Etc.

Every day is Fort Hood for the world community due to USA policies and & their tyrant totalitarian puppet regimes. Rest assure the

slain terrorists at Fort Hood are in the eternal hellfire and it is not to late for YOU to change your policies.


Sharing a Smile with The International Community,

Yousef al-Khattab

*as opposed to a USA’s”Preventive War”(aka war crimes)




10 responses

6 11 2009

I hope they are using pig intestines to dress his wounds. In fact every one we kill or injure should be wrapped in pig………….let them and the world know we do not give one rats ass what they think and political sensitivity has no place in war.
Guarentee that will give them to something to think about..piggie, means no Allah…means no virgins…bummer…..that would take the fight out of me.

6 11 2009


Ever since 911, I have been advocating for standardizing how we handle terrorists that are of the Muslim faith. If we end up having to bury them, they must be buried with a pig. And we need to take photos of this practice in action and send them to Al-Jazeera.

This one action could slow down these guys almost to a dead-stop!


6 11 2009

I’ve been seeing a lot of people on the news asking “Why”. Here’s my thoughts on the subject copied from my blog.
Why are people asking why this tragedy happened at Fort Hood? It’s obvious to me that Hasan is a Muslim nut job and terrorist. I find it interesting that people are either willing to turn a blind eye to this, or are so politically correct that they don’t dare to say what everyone is thinking, or they are just too stupid to see what is going on. I find it troubling that our military has to take in anyone that is Muslim. I know I sound like a “Profiler”. So be it. I call them as I see em and I see the fact that most terrorism that is taking place around the world is instigated by Muslims. They are so radical that they will send their own children to blow themselves up for their twisted cause. Despicable and repulsive. There needs to be some common sense put into place about who to trust and who not to trust. Facts are Facts.

6 11 2009

As you said “Facts are facts”!

I don’t understand the reasoning behind all the hush-hush BS we have to put up with when it comes to terrorism, especially those that are Muslim. Which the last time I looked, they were ALL MUSLIM!

Honesty is the best policy!


6 11 2009

And BHO says not to jump to conclusions. We have a terrorist attack on our soil, at our largest military base by an extremist Muslim, and he says not to jump to conclusions. I wonder how he would have acted had he been in charge on September 11, 2001. Would he have said, “don’t jump to conclusions” then?

I need to turn off for the night. This day has been a bit too much.

Nite all.

6 11 2009

The Traitor is also a hypocrite. Don’t jump to conclusions yet he says the cops acted stupidly with the Gates thing before he knew all the facts. HE IS A DISGRACE.

This admin better wake up and face the fact that these radical Muslims want nothing more than to destroy us. That is their goal. Have much more to say yet cannot bring myself to keep it clean…

6 11 2009



8 11 2009

Just saw Senator Joe Lieberman on Fox Sunday. After a qualifier in the beginning of his remarks — it’s too early to know, must wait for the investigation, etc. — Lieberman then said the following (I’m paraphrasing from memory):

If Hasan did make the statements he did (“Allahu Akbar” as he gunned people down; writing online approvingly of Islamic suicide bombings), then he’s an Islamic extremist and what he did was an act of terror, the most severe terrorism since 9-11.

Lieberman also said that if Hasan indeed is an Islamic extremist, then the U.S. Army was remiss in not having fired him. The Army should have a zero tolerance policy for extremist Muslims.

Finally, we have a politicians who’s talking straight. Good for Joe Lieberman!

8 11 2009

This country is so damn PC that they can’t see the evil staring at them in the face. These people are just being good obedient muslims. If it were up to me I would lock up every muslim here in this country. Our grandfathers done it to the Japanese during WW2. I know that what I am spouting isn’t PC, but the fact remains that we are in a war against extreme islam. They are the ones going around killing and blowing innocent people up. But, because we are a compassionate society, we just let our enemies in our military, gov’t, schools, etc. How long will it be, before one of these salvages goes into a elementary school and start killing our children. When is enough, enough. Just saying.

8 11 2009

I’m with you Joe!

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