True $ Cost of Obamacare

4 11 2009

Obama says that the House health care reform bill (aka Pelosicare) will cost $900 billion.

But we’ve also read that the Congressional Budget Office says it’ll be $1.3 trillion.

We now have a new, even higher figure:

According to a study by the Heritage Foundation, ObamaPelosiCare will cost more than $1.5 trillion!

You and I both know that, having seen government projects balloon in cost way exceeding the original estimates, by the time when and if this health care reform government-hijacking-of-1/6th-of-the-American-economy is actually implemented, it is certain to exceed $1.5 trillion.

To read the text of Greg D’ Angelo, “The True Cost of the House Health Bill: $1.5 Trillion,” Heritage Foundation, November 3, 2009, go HERE.








4 responses

4 11 2009

How about an energy tax to help fund this lunacy:


26 02 2010

Good God!!! $1.5 trillion? I herd 1 trillion (either one is bad but one is $.5 trillion worse).

26 02 2010


The reality is even worse. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the official keeper of budget costs, says Obama’s proposed plan is too vague for it to even venture an estimate of the bill’s price tag.

7 03 2010

Great just what we need. more spending of money we don’t have.

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