The Other Election

4 11 2009
a marriage-cakeFunny how you don’t see or hear people talking about another huge win for Conservatives from yesterdays elections results. Conservatives, with help from some Moderates, and even some Dems, voted down Same-Sex Marriage.

This is a huge moral win for everyone. Although gays and lesbians won’t agree with me it’s also a moral win for them. For now I will just have to pray that someday they understand what I mean.


Published: November 4, 2009

They had far more money, volunteers and political support, and geography was on their side, given that New England has been more accepting of same-sex marriage than any other region of the country. Yet gay-rights advocates suffered a crushing loss in Maine when voters decided Tuesday to repeal the state’s new law allowing gays and lesbians to wed, setting back a movement that had made remarkable progress nationally this year.

Complete story here.




2 responses

4 11 2009

Conservatives really are like the Ents in JRR Tolkien’s Lords of the Rings!

We’re content with the status quo, but when we see the America we love being altered beyond recognition, we do rouse ourselves, get mighty angry, and march to war.

4 11 2009

It took a far-left marxist president to get us moving. Now that we are moving, there is NO stopping us!


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