Questions for the GOP

4 11 2009


Among the things that make Giovanni’s World so cool are its highly intelligent and passionate regulars. Tom of NC is one. We are grateful to him for the following list of questions, which we can use the next time we get a solicitation phonecall or letter from the GOP.

If you don’t get “Yes” to every one of the questions, don’t give them even one penny!

I suggest you print the following list of 10 questions out, and keep it next to your phone!

Here’s Tom of NC‘s list:

  1. Are all of your candidates pro-life?
  2. Do all of your candidates support the 2nd Amendment?
  3. Do all of your candidates support smaller government?
  4. Do all of your candidates oppose Obamacare?
  5. Do all of your candidates support across the board tax cuts?
  6. Do all of your candidates support a strong military and support themissions in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  7. Do all of your candidates oppose cap and trade and oppose the hoax and hysteria of man made global warming?
  8. Do all of candidates support free trade and capitalism?
  9. Do all of your candidates oppose gay marriage?
  10. Do all of your candidates oppose a reestablishment of the fairnessdoctrine?
  11. Any negative answers are grounds to say sorry, I only support CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES! Soon when they start to realize they are losing a mountain of money because they are supporting RINOs, reality will hit them like a brick upside their heads, but it take a massive effort because RINOitis has infected the GOP from the bottom to top and will take massive amounts of Conservative antibiotics to cure it. We need to band together and give this party a giant shot in the arm before 2010 so we can wipe out this virus once and for all.





2 responses

4 11 2009
Cec Moon

It’s really hard to hold your nose and mark a ballot at the same time. The only reason to continue to be a registered Republican is for the privilege of voting in the primary. Tom in NC; that’s a great list and an absolute minimum requirement for a candidate. It sums up our failure in NY-23.

4 11 2009

Cec: That’s the only reason I’m registered Republican, too. Florida has closed primaries. Only Repubs can vote Repub primaries, only Dems can vote Dem primaries. No party affiliation (Independents) can’t vote in either primary.

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