Powerful Walk-for-Life Video

4 11 2009

This video is of the 2009 Walk For Life, West coast (San Francisco).

Can you see the haters in the video?

The Left has perverted America, distorting good into evil, and twisting evil into good.

H/t my brave friend Nancy who has participated in countless such Walks. She writes: “The first year the opposition was scary.  I have never seen such hate and we really needed the Police protection. The way the press has demonized pro-lifers is unbelievable at the same time as they have soft pedaled the tactics of the opposition.  The vile comments directed at the priests in front of the many young children amongst the marchers that first year was truly a revelation.”





3 responses

4 11 2009
Tom in NC

Bravery knows no boundary, walk right past the hate, stand up for the innocents being murdered everyday!

4 11 2009


Please thank your friend for all of us here at Giovanni’s World. I feel safe in saying that the majority of the people here are very pro-life. God bless your friend Nancy!


5 11 2009

What a great movement. This is one group I look forward to hearing more of.

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