Conservative Third Party 2012!

4 11 2009



The morning after the GOP wins in Virginia and New Jersey, NC Chair Michael Steele is crowing that this means the Republican Party is making a comeback.

Hold your horses, there!

Steele can’t be more wrong. What happened in Virginia and New Jersey is a repudiation of the far-Left direction of the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress! If the GOP takes conservatives for granted and continues to talk “big tent inclusiveness,” which means catering to RINOs who are really liberals in GOP garb, we will simply join the American Conservative Party or form another third party.

Even a denizen of Hollywood, director Barry Levinson, thinks so!



‘Poliwood’ Director: Anger Will Lead to a Third Party in 2012

By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers, Nov 2, 2009

Barry Levinson, director of the new Poliwood documentary that tracked Hollywood political activists in the 2008 election through Inauguration Day, sees the public so mad at Washington that he predicts a real third party will emerge with a viable presidential candidate, perhaps even by 2012. “There’s an enormous dissatisfaction with Congress,” he says. Since the right is maddest, the new third party will lean that way, he adds.




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4 11 2009
Tom in NC

One can only hope that Steele is not so ignorant that he can take Conservatives for granted. This election was an indictment against the Republican “business as usual” as much as it was the democrats, they would be wise to stop and reevaluate any candidates they are considering for offices in 2010. That being said, I have thought about questions I would ask if the RNC called me or mailed me any requests for donations:

1. Are all of your candidates pro-life?

2. Do all of your candidates support the 2nd Amendment?

3. Do all of your candidates support smaller government?

4. Do all of your candidates oppose Obamacare?

5. Do all of your candidates support across the board tax cuts?

6. Do all of your candidates support a strong military and support the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan?

7. Do all of your candidates oppose cap and trade and oppose the hoax and hysteria of man made global warming?

8. Do all of candidates support free trade and capitalism.

9. Do all of your candidates oppose gay marriage

10. Do all of your candidates oppose a reestablishment of the fairness doctrine.

Any negative answers are grounds to say sorry, I only support CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES! Soon when they start to realize they are losing a mountain of money because they are supporting RINO’s, reality will hit them like a brick upside their heads, but it take a massive effort because RINOitis has infected the GOP from the bottom to top and will take massive amounts of Conservative antibiotics to cure it. We need to band together and give this party a giant shot in the arm before 2010 so we can wipe out this virus once and for all.

4 11 2009

Tom: The RNC keeps calling me asking for donations. I tell them NO because they could and would give my money to RINOs. I told them I would contribute to the candidates of my choice and that I’m a staunch conservative. They still send me requests for donations. Are they learning impaired?

4 11 2009
Tom in NC

You’re probably right, but when their campaign coffers have more dust bunnies than dollar bills they will come to their senses.

4 11 2009


Same here. In fact, I got called yesterday for $$$ by the GOP. I told the guy the same thing I have been telling them for awhile now… “Forget big-tent BS, and go back to Reagan style Conservative principles. Until you do you will get NO money from me!”

The one new thing I said yesterday was that I’m actively seeking a 3rd party to donate to. That left the guy on the other end of the line speechless for a few moments.


5 11 2009

Gio, I was listening to Michele Malkin on Hannity last night, and she said the GOP coffers are getting emptier by the minute. Seems to me this should send a message to the GOP to shape up now or they will get no more donations. I suppose that “money” or lack thereof is the only way to get their undivided attention.

4 11 2009

Steele needs to go, as it is clear he just doesn’t “get it.”

And I don’t give a rat’s ass how much money he is able to raise for the party, because if they are going to give $900k of it to RINOs who are further to the left than their democrat opponents, as they did with Scuzzy, then what good is he?


4 11 2009


I sort of kinda maybe disagree with you a little….. or not. Seriously, I really don’t blame Steele all that much. His job is to raise money for the GOP and to be the point-guy for interviews having to do with the GOP. Steele is not a ideology gate-keeper nor is he a policy-setter. He’s a little like the guy that is Glenn Becks manager. Becks manager is one of the biggest liberals and supporters of Obama that there is, but he has done a masterful job at managing Beck. He has a job to do, and will do it to the best of his ability.

Now I’m not saying that Steele is perfect, but I don’t blame him for the Country Club Republicans that continue to hold on to their dying power by using their check-books.


4 11 2009

Now here’s a Barry I can agree with!


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