Why Obama Needs To Jump

3 11 2009

011_obama_sarkozy_editedThat’s right, I’m about to show you a video that explains in vivid detail why Obama needs to get off his skinny little ass and make a decision about troop levels in Afghanistan.


The video at the following link is a little over 7 minutes long, be sure to watch all of it…


 Click here for video>>>>>>>> 6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a53b1331970b-600wiOn The Frontlines in Afghanistan




6 responses

3 11 2009

Isn’t there anyone in obamas administration giving him this kind of info so he can understand why he has to get off his ARSE!???

3 11 2009


I’m sure General McChrystal did give Obama this info. McChrystal must have provided plenty of reasons for requesting 40,000 additional troops — a request about which Obama continues to dither.

I’m not the only one who suspect that Obama is hoping, by his inaction, that it will get so bad for our soldiers in Afghanistan that the American people will clamor to bring them home and thus make the decision for him.

American soldiers are sacrificed in that hell-hole because of Obama’s lack of courage and integrity.

3 11 2009

And lack of respect for the troops that defend our constitution!

I was just venting 😉

Obama is militarily inept. I would hate to abandon the Afghanistan people, but, maybe he should just bring them home……Oh wait….he’ll lose photo ops.

3 11 2009


I hear you! We all need to vent, or we’d go crazy. 😉

And this is the place to do it! LOL

3 11 2009
Tom in NC

Obama, are you watching, are you listening, our young men and women are in a desparate situation in Afghanistan, GET OFF YOUR DEAD DO NOTHING ASS AND GIVE OUR TROOPS THE MANPOWER AND EQUIPMENT TO FINISH THE DAMN JOB.

You made promises in your campaign to fight and win this war and now you turn your back the brave warriors, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT SCUM, George Bush was a good man, maybe an imperfect president but at least he fulfilled his commitments to the troops, he did what needed to be done, but you Obama are nothing but a COWARD, an opportunist and a lying sack of garbage and we will fight you down to our last breath. YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!!!

4 11 2009

Well said Tom.

God Bless our troops and their mascot!

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