Obama Has Time For Them

3 11 2009


By their actions ye shall know them.

Obama said that he’s just too too busy to meet with General McChrystal, the commander of our forces in Afghanistan whom Obama himself had appointed. Since McChrystal’s appointment, Obama has only met with the good general twice, the second time a hurried meeting aboard Air Force One while it was parked in the Copenhagen airport when Obama flew there in a failed effort to lobby the Olympics committee.

But Obama obviously found time to meet with a whole slew of people.

On October 30, the White House released a partial list of visitors to the White House since Obama took office in January. Only about 110 names —and 481 visits —out of the hundreds of thousands who have visited the Obama White House were made public. Like the Bush administration before it, Obama argues that any release is voluntary, not required by law, despite two federal court rulings to the contrary.

Here are some of the people Obama found plenty of time to meet with:

  • Andrew Stern, head of SEIU (Service Employees International Union), aka Obama’s Purple Shirts, visited the White House TWENTY-TWO times.
  • Kim Gandy, president of NOW (National Organization for Women),  visited the White House FIFTEEN times.
  • Jesse Jackson, shakedown “artist” and self-appointed spokesman of African-Americans, visited the White House SIX times.
  • George Soros, international currency speculator and Mr. Moneybag for Obama and the Left (e.g., MoveOn.org), visited the White House FOUR times.

By his actions ye shall know Obama!

H/t Lee Rogers of KSFO conservative talk radio!





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