Obama Approves Of Waste!

3 11 2009

This Jet is the USAF C-32, Boeing  757, that MADAME PELOSI uses.








Feel free to click on photo to get the big picture!

So to all you Democrats, why hasn’t Obama grounded this colossal waste of tax payer money?





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3 11 2009

There’s also the many tons of jet fuel burnt flying multimillionaire Pelosi between the coasts, to and back from San Francisco! Aren’t libs supposed to care about the environment, carbon footprints, and resource depletion?

In 2007, Pelosi was the 6th wealthiest member of the House, with average assets of at least $62 million.

And why does she need such a large jet? A passenger version of Boeing 757 can carry between 186 and 279 passengers. Pelosi’s Air Force C-32 version carries 16 flight crew (varies with mission) and a passenger capacity of 45.

The Air Force version of the Boeing 757 — C-32 — is more fuel efficient. I can’t find fuel cost of the C-32. But in 2008, American Airlines’s 757-200 aircraft each burned $14,676 of jet fuel to fly from St. Louis to San Francisco.

Air mileage (one way) from Wash., D.C. to S.F. is 2440 miles
Air mileage (one way) from St. Louis to S.F. is 1730 mi.
If a Boeing 757 burnt $14,676 of jet fuel to fly between St. Louis to S.F.,
then it would cost $20,699 of jet fuel between D.C. and S.F.!

[Sources: wikipedia and Webflyer mileage calculator]

3 11 2009

Why couldn’t she just use a Lear Jet?

I understand why she needs a private flight to go anywhere, NOBODY wants to fly WITH her!!

3 11 2009

This was just for fun- Barry tells Nan where to get off: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sgtkey0811/4072353815/sizes/l/

3 11 2009

bkeyser: You are too funny! This is one of your best. ROFL

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