The Honduran Connection?

2 11 2009

A great piece by Cecil Moon, which was first posted over at Zion Beckons.


Honduras and the Drug War


ahonduras1What is the relationship between Honduras ’s constitutionally correct removal of Zelaya and the US War on Drugs?  It is the elephant in the room in this whole affair.  Once it is established why our administration favors a path to illegality, the mess in Honduras becomes abundantly clear. 

In the formation of their constitution, Honduras established remedies for any president who sought to extend his elected service past one term.  They wisely recognized that prolonged occupation of that high office promoted opportunity for corruption and avarice to the detriment of their citizen’s national interests.  The entire “president for life” concept has become a popular method in Central and South America to enable potential dictatorship—see: Hugo Chavez–and abridges the freedom of its peoples.  The Honduras method represents a rare concept in that end of the world where oppression by tin pot dictators has become more the rule than the exception.  Every action taken by the Honduran government was statutory and well within the will of their founders.  Understanding this begs the question; why do so many external interests attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of that delightful country?

The short answer is money.  The trite “follow the money” solution was never more appropriate than in the Honduran situation.  Honduras represents a key transfer point in the Central and South American drug trade.   The prime users are in the United States and the drug traffickers require a smooth transition of product to their market.  Direct air routes and sea lanes are under constant surveillance and loss of shipments may result.  With increased pressure from the Mexican government cracking down on cocaine and other drugs, Honduras became steadily more important to the traffickers.  Obviously, one cannot sell a product if delivery is impossible. 

With prime factors in the Honduran government opposed to this illegal enterprise it became apparent to then president Zelaya that he could accomplish his goals more easily without pesky government intervention.  His aim was to enhance the trade with interests in Bolivia , Peru and Columbia and keep the flow of cocaine and other drugs uninterrupted to the prime buyers in the United States .  Bypassing Mexico , and the increasing enforcement efforts there, would be much easier with the complicity of Honduras .  With existing facilities to service both land and sea traffic on both coasts, it was a no-brainer.   The drug lords recognized that they would have to have a strong ally in country.  Zelaya was the obvious choice.  A bit flaky but compliant, he was the ideal.  His only impediment was the Honduran Constitution.

This then raised the question of why the United States government, allegedly wrapped up in the mantle of drug interdiction chose to support the usurper in Honduras over the righteous factions of the administration there?  What would create in the mind of our Secretary of State to back the obviously illegal return of the former president?  Why would the president himself personally make public statements in favor of Zelaya?  Again, we shall “follow the money.” 

Following the money inevitably results in finding George Soros in the mix, especially when American national interests are involved.   With substantial financial facilities in “off-shore” locations ( Netherlands Antilles ,) the opportunities for money laundering are virtually endless.  This is an absolute necessity for drug cartels.  One of his careless associates, Peter Lewis, described as one of America ’s ten most generous philanthropists, with extremely close ties to Soros was arrested in New Zealand for illegal importation of hashish and marijuana.  Soros has long opposed any legal restrictions on drugs and especially marijuana, and founded, with Lewis “ America Coming Together” which takes a kindly view toward the drugs and the opposite view of the politics of any politician who would restrict their use.  In 2004 Soros was a major funding factor in opposition to George W. Bush for continuation in the presidency.  This (ACT) and other Soros funded organizations continue to support anti-American efforts which could result in our country’s downfall.  As such, they constitute a threat to national security.

It is alleged that Soros enhanced his fortune by anticipating our current financial difficulties and shorted issues which dropped precipitously.  As he made every effort to engineer those problems, it was a logical move.  He poured a fortune into the Obama campaign and as a consequence probably feels it’s time for some payback.  It would appear that part of that payback is aiding and abetting the return of Zelaya to his forfeited office with the aid of our government.  Other than influence from Soros, there is no way that any person with the least legal background could justify any objection to the Honduran government carrying out a perfectly legal action.  Our administration withheld in excess of $31 million in aid from the impoverished country pending the outcome of the presidential fiasco.  That is “chump change” for Soros but an enormous amount for Honduras .  That amount in the United States is not even equivalent to the first day gross on a new film from Hollywood .

It seems unlikely that George Soros has a principle lurking in the back of his mind, deep in his heart or governing his emotional involvement in this issue in any way.  It is apparent that his every move is governed by the lone desire to increase his capital.  When carefully observed, we find an individual with sufficient funds to actually control the further generation of wealth.  Manipulation of markets on an international scale is not subject to local laws and regulations.  This is not so much an argument for world governance and control as it is to understand huge assets in the aggregate as representational of a small nation with the freedom to play with high finance to achieve predetermined ends.  Money talks and therefore George Soros has a voice.

As a nation, the United States is facing a severe crisis.  If we do not, as a people, gain the knowledge to understand men like Soros, his paid henchmen and his evil intentions, we shall fall as his victim.  Finance can be a bore but it can also be fatal—to men and to nations.




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