Patriots Corner

2 11 2009

A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

abackground (2)You can help in a big way by joining in the phone banks for Tuesday’s elections.We need to help get out the vote.

For the Cristie race contact Cary Chan of the NJ Republican Party at 609-989-7300, and they’ll send as many calls as you would like to make.

If we can get a win in the bluest of blue states, NJ, it will send a clear message to all the politicians ignoring us about healthcare. Obama has admitted he needs a win in NJ to help pass his agenda. Let’s show him who has the momentum and passion to get out the vote. Make some phone calls for freedom. A win in NJ will make the trip top Washington more effective and will force the politicians to start listening to us.

This is too close for comfort folks….if you want to help save America..this is where it starts…Please act now….we cannot afford to lose this race tomorrow.

It’s not too late….make calls starting early in the morning!

Thanks….Looking for the win tomorrow night! Get busy patriots! We can do it!

Visit Patriotic Resistance at:




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