Obama’s Shameful Photo-Op

2 11 2009

Just for the record… I said the exact same thing last Thursday when this happened. If it wasn’t a photo-op, then why have the cameras there?

AAAalg_fallen-soldiers_barack-obamaI find this president shallow and shameless. They may be the only things transparent about him!


Rush Limbaugh calls President Obama’s Dover salute a ‘photo-op’




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2 11 2009

This made me sick to my stomach when I first heard it. Has he no shame?

2 11 2009

There’s nothing wrong with a President honoring fallen troops. He should be visiting VA hospitals too.

But- THIS President doesn’t seem to comprehend “honor” as a military characteristic. I felt the same about Clinton (I separated from the USMC in November 1992); it’s hard to believe there’s solemn reverence when the man rendering the salute seemingly (and in Clinton’s own words) loathes the military. It is shameful, and callous; but they seem to be two traits THIS President best exemplifies.

2 11 2009
Tom in NC

I heard this on Rush’s show as well, and he said that out of 18 families of slain GI’s only one allowed the photo-op, the rest would not give permission for Obama to be photographed with the casket of the family member. I also noted that he said that President Bush made several trips to Dover when the remains of slain GI’s returned, but always without media and without calling attention to himself. It was always a solemn occasion where the attention was on the families and the sacrifice of the family member, not some narcissistic SOB play acting as a caring Commander in Chief.

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of these brave warriors, and to the 17 families that did not allow Obama to propagandize and desecrate their sacrifice and memory, I salute you for your strength and patiotism.

2 11 2009

I think it’s a fair question to ask how we know this was a photo-op. Here’s my answer:

A photo-op refers to a hypocritical act of feigning one cares about something or somebody, but one really doesn’t. Instead, the individual engages in a public theatrical act, while nothing of actual substance has changed.

In this case, what Obama did was a purely cynical photo-op designed to show he “really cares” because if he really cared about the brave men and women serving in the hell-hole called Afghanistan, he would not continue to procrastinate making a decision on General McChrystal’s recommendation for a 40,000 troop increase.

Through his inaction, Obama is ensuring that more of our soldiers there will die. THAT’s how much he really cares!

It’s as simple as that.

2 11 2009

Eowyn: You wrote so eloquently what I couldn’t put into words in my earlier post. I heard this morning on Fox that he will make a decision sometime in the next few weeks. How many more of our soldiers will die before he makes his decision? Is he going to have another photo op when their caskets come home? I am furious about this. I cannot properly convey the depth of my anger because I quit using words like that many years ago (tried to set an example for our kids.)

2 11 2009

Thanks, Muffin! Bless your heart 😉

Obama’s photo-op is plain insidious. And we know many many Americans will just eat it up.

2 11 2009
Cec Moon

This is just one more example of how vile this man really is. To disregard tradition–all important in sustaining proper behavior in the military–as the CIC is unconscionable. But then that is the norm for this felon. Increasing numbers of casualties in theater are his desired end to enable running with our tail between our legs.

It is a credit to our officer corps that they can maintain discipline in this environment. This is, no doubt, because of the quality of men whom they lead. Having never served, Obama will never understand the protocols and history of our armed forces. At least my CIC, Harry Truman, understood the mind of his men.

3 11 2009

I am so ashamed of The Traitor and his complete lack of respect for our troops. My father served in the Korean war and we have plenty of discussions re: this administration. When I mention something about our troops and The Traitor, he clams up instantly. Subject closed…

I have plenty to say yet will refrain for I fear my words would be very unladylike…

3 08 2011

Unbelievable that anyone considers a shockjock who is not and never has been a journalist, analyst, or anything but shockjock who lies for ratings, and whose qualifications to do anything but hate rhetoric are ZERO a credible news source.

3 08 2011

You must be speaking of Ed Schultz, no doubt…

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