Hope And Change?

2 11 2009

011_obama_sarkozy_editedWASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Barack Obama said on Monday that more US jobs will be lost in coming weeks and months but stressed the economy has recovered a lot of ground since he took office in January.


Next time you run into that friend or relative that voted for Obama, make sure you ask them if they’re happy now.





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3 11 2009

Is this guy for real? More jobs will be lost but the economy has recovered? This administration has mastered the spin but are fools if they believe we are buying this BS.

Proof: My state’s unemployment continues to rise, my company had 4 rounds of layoffs and our next years’ revenue projections down from $12M to $7M. Thanks for that stimulus you hopeandchangey fools…

3 11 2009


The sad part is… there are many in this country that will buy what he’s selling.


3 11 2009

They say the created or saved 1,000,000 jobs. Anybody gamble here? OK so you play poker all night.your losing 500 bucks. The last hand you win 100 back. When you leave your buddy says how did you do. do you say well I was losing 500 , but only lost 400. Or do yo say I lost 400. cause That’s the bottom line .we still have lost x amount of jobs under barrys watch. How they magically create what would have been lost and should of been lost I think is some of that Dubya fuzzy math.

3 11 2009

He’s a snake oil salesman. See cartoon:


3 11 2009
Doc's Wife

Some fools will believe anything he tells them. I find it hard to believe that many Americans are that stupid. All we have to do is look around our town and see the many persons and businesses thatare suffering. The chuches and food banks are overwhelmed!

3 11 2009

doc’s wife, The problem is I’m afraid to say alot of Americans are Stupid and stuck in old Habits. They go to work, Come home and have dinner, watch the News. Katie Curic or Brian Williams, or whoever tells them something so it must be true. They have no clue the news biz has changed. Even if they have an inkling something doesen’t sound right they will not do ant further research………………ignorance is bliss

3 11 2009
Tom in NC

I would like to feed him a bucket of what he is trying to shovel on us, if you get my drift.

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