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2 11 2009

To all my fellow bloggers, please read.

aablogging101Some of what you are about to read is factual, and some of it will be me giving my opinionated opinion on the importance of Bloggers and the blogging we do. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not about my own self-importance, I gave up on that years ago when I was young and dumb.

My regular readers all know that I spent Saturday at a Conservative Activist Training seminar. And those that wanted to learn some of the tricks I picked up have already been contacted. This post is for my regular readers and for the rest of the country. To be more specific… this is for any Conservative that wants to help make a difference. Don’t worry, I am not about to try and sell you anything!

We all know that blogging can be fun, entertaining, educational, confrontational, social, competitive, and on it goes. One thing I had not considered until I went to this seminar is… blogging can change our country. This is NOT a line of crap I’m throwing out, this is verifiable. Let me show you.

The state of Texas is a Red State.  Unfortunately, looks are deceiving and whats happening to the laws in Texas are worrisome. In the State of Texas the most popular political blog is a lefty blog. It has become so popular that whenever the States Lawmakers are in session the lefty blog has someone on a laptop sitting in the gallery blogging live. If you sit up in the gallery and look down on the floor you notice that almost all of the lawmakers have their laptops turned on and all have the same screen up live. Yep, they have the lefty blog up live on their laptops. Everyone of them can see what the guy in the gallery is writing as they discuss the pros or cons of rulings or passing laws. Since they blogger guy is from a lefty blog, he writes from that perspective, and he likes to be as dramatic as he can get away with because he has a huge audience across the state that are watching his blog live. The reason why the lawmakers have their screens all showing his blog is because they too know that this one guy has a huge audience watching what he writes about them. Some lawmakers wait for reactions to come across the blog before they will even vote. Now stop and think about what’s happening….

One guy blogging on a laptop is affecting the votes on any particular legislation. For such a Conservative state, this could end up having disasterous results for Texans. This same thing is happening in Georgia, but fortunately the blogger is a Conservative.

The left has been way ahead of us when it comes to using technology to advance their ideology and their candidates. We are catching up but it’s a slow process. The only thing I can tell you people that have blogs is KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You are making a difference. And for those of you that enjoy reading blogs… either start your own blog or spread what you read on blogs to others. Nothing can be more satisfying than passing along information that can change someones vote in favor of a Conservative position. If anyone tells you you are wasting your time, DO NOT listen to them. It’s a little like telling someone not to learn anything because you are better off going through life stupid.

So all you politically Conservative Bloggers out there, get to work, keep blogging, and above all else… help spread the word of Conservatism.

Your blog, or your comment on a blog could be the deciding factor for many people whether or not they want a traditional country where freedom is cherished, or Communist rule. Yes, it can be that important!





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2 11 2009


Thanks for going to that Saturday political activist workshop and coming back with tips and encouragement for us!

You’re right on all points:

1. Yes, the libs were ahead of us conservatives in blogging…but

2. Conservative bloggers are catching up…and

3. Conservative blogs have made and are making a difference! Everything I’ve read attributes the tea parties, 9-12 March on D.C., and the resurgence of conservatives in upcoming state & local elections to conservative talk radio (Rush, et al), Fox TV (esp. Glenn Beck), and conservative blogs!

A big “Thank You” for starting Giovanni’s World and making it the information source and gathering place for so many conservatives-patriots!

3 11 2009

Your blog is the only one I read. I stumbled upon it accidently when I googled something several months ago.

I would like to read more blogs, but I don’t know how to find them. Some of them are pretty scary. How does one go about finding others to read? Can you recommend others?

I’ve truly enjoyed your blog. Its been extremely helfpful to me. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. And I appreciate the ‘regulars’! Some crack me up, but some articulate what I’m thinking.

3 11 2009


For other conservative blogs, you might start with those we have on this site, under “Blogroll.”

Look at the right side of your screen. Blogroll is the category right under “Recent Rants” and right above “Meta.”

Good hunting! 😉

4 11 2009

Kathy, glad you like it here! Couple other conservative sites to try out (along with those on the blog roll):

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