What A Day

31 10 2009

Hi Gang,

I just wanted to stop by for a minute and touch base. Most of you know that I spent the day at a Conservatives Activists Training seminar, that and a Halloween family function has kept me away from the blog today.

So… I hope everyone had fun this Halloween with their kids, grand kids, neices/nephews, etc. I stashed a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups so I’m good for the next few days. BTW… I took a picture of the scariest critters we came across today…





For those of you that emailed me about the training from the seminar… I am going to put something together tomorrow to share with all of you, and for the readers of this blog I will give some general information that may be helpful. I was going to do tonight but I’m pooped, and afraid I won’t make any sense.

I will leave you all with an encouraging hint… CONSERVATISM IS ON A MAJOR COMEBACK! Do not let any wet-behind-the-ears kid in his 20’s try to convince you otherwise.

If I do any posting of comments here tonight, they will be comments that require very little thought. No matter how wiped-out I may be… I still can’t keep my mouth shut.






2 responses

1 11 2009
Cec Moon

Welcome home Gio! I can fully appreciate how wonderful it is to be with real live human beings who are of the same mind. It brings a whole new meaning to solidarity.

1 11 2009


I bet you can!

At lunch I sat at a table with 8-10 other people. There was only two topics of conversation… Everyone’s shared dis-taste (that’s putting it mildly) for Obama and what he’s trying to do, and the 9/12 march. One guy took his 10 year old son to the march and he said he chokes-up a bit everytime he tells a story about their trip. One tear jerker for him was when on the way home to Indiana his son came out and said he now understood why people are proud of their country.

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