Wasteful Halloween?

30 10 2009

AAhalloweenOk, the Ecofascists have officially left the planet! Now these anti-everything jerks are going after Halloween. Don’t have any food or drink in your mouth when you read the piece below, unless of course you want to see something really scary on your computer!


Here at HuffPost Green we love a party.

And Halloween is definitely a fun holiday. But as the tradition becomes increasingly consumer-oriented, we think its in the running for the most wasteful holiday. While Christmas always gets ragged on for its consumerism, hopefully most of the gifts that are given are used more than once. Even if Halloween spending is down this year, Americans are still spending millions of dollars on mostly unsustainable, single-use and non-biodegradable products and unhealthy candy. That’s why we think Halloween may be a sleeper candidate for excess day of the year. Check out this slideshow of the most wasteful Halloween practices, and vote for the one that you think is the worst.

Check outGreen Halloween, a website that advocates for a “greener” Halloween by posting information on homemade costumes and party favors. Besides encouraging parents to have a less wasteful holiday, they also sell a range of green products including fair-trade organic chocolate, energy-saving LED lights, 100% silk or alpaca costumes, and of course, reusable, non-plastic trick-or-treating bags.

Also, bring out your camera this Halloween and send us your pictures of the most wasteful Halloween moments – from morning-after trash to a smashed pumpkin, we’d love to see your photos.

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/29/photos-is-halloween-the-m_n_338413.html?slidenumber=iN9GGMc9WM8%3D#slide_image




7 responses

30 10 2009

These idiots probably don’t practice what they preach. Do they give out apples for a treat? I seriously doubt it because their house will end up trashed.

Give me more chocolate…please! Complete idiots that do not understand the economics of consumerism and what keeps the wheels spinning in our economy…BOOH!

30 10 2009

Any buddy ever try and make a pumkin pie from a real pumpkin? Let me tell you…(I know I wear many hat’s)…. LOL, that it’s damn near impossible. You start with a 1700 lb 15 foot around pumkin. you spend all night digging that crap out and you run it thru a food processor and you end up with approx one cup of pumkin gack. Since you need at least 4 to fill a pie shell you throw every thing out and go to the store where they sell it in little cans for like 69 cents a piece. Total cost about 2.50. Total cost of makin it your self. Lets see the pumkin was 800 dollars. The dumpster was 200 you needed to clean it up. The rather large donation you had to make at church for all the swear words. A nights sleep lost. What I’m saying is Pumkins were meant to be carved and then thrown away. Do not ever attempt to make a pie. That is why God invented Super markets…. 😉

30 10 2009

“What I’m saying is Pumkins were meant to be carved and then thrown away. Do not ever attempt to make a pie. That is why God invented Super markets….”


-Yep, nothing more convenient than pumpkin that comes in a can.


30 10 2009

The only thing Halloween was ever any good for was lots and lots of “free” candy, and getting to hold the hand of the little hottie you took along to tour the local haunted house.

I miss those days. 😦


30 10 2009

Damn Dave…..ya just brought a tear to my eye…ahhh the good old days….if I can remember back that far…. 😉

30 10 2009

Can’t these people (for lack of a better word) leave any of our holidays alone? This is getting aggra-darn-vating!!

Steve, you made me laugh again. 🙂 You always seem to cheer me up when I need it. Thanks.

30 10 2009

That website was pathetic. I can’t imagine what my kids would do if I said one would wear the bat boy hat and the other the gnome hat and that all they could have is ‘fair trade’ chocolate treats!! What’s so bad about carving a pumpkin and putting a REAL candle in it? One that lights real fire? What the heck?

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