Sarah Alert!

30 10 2009

sarah-palin-1-sizedA message to all members of Team Sarah

The Team Sarah Health Care Review Board has been working diligently reading through Pelosi’s Health Reform Bill. Please help us Tweet the findings to get information out to the public .The findings will astound you. We must band together to help defeat this attack on our Health Care  system and intrusion on our freedoms. Some findings….abortion funding, death panels, multiple taxes and penalties, etc.

You can SEARCH for the hash tag #obc50 to see what Team Sarah and others are writing about this bill and you can use this tag if you want to have an article YOUR wrote promoted.

Go to Twitter Fans For Sarah to get tweet texts to tweet. Simply copy and paste to your Twitter account.

Thank you in advance for your assistance on this project. God Bless

Visit Twitter Fans For Sarah at:

Visit Team Sarah at:




One response

31 10 2009

I encourage everyone to sign on to Team Sarah………’s simple and you’ll get updates and Stuff………the URL is

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