Exorcism In the Friendly Skies

30 10 2009


I have a special love for Archangel St. Michael, whose name in Hebrew is “Micha-El” or “Who is like unto God?”.

I think of him as the Braveheart of angels because though an Archangel, considered by medieval theologian St. Thomas Aquinas to rank second to last in the nine angelic orders, St. Michael nevertheless had the courage to rise up to lead the good angels against Lucifer, the best and brightest, and the other apostate angels.

So, I took special notice of this item in Leah Garchik’s column in yesterday’s (Oct. 29) San Francisco Chronicle:

Those Southwest flights sure are lively. Mary Ellen Lemieux was flying from Salt Lake City to Oakland on Monday with a passenger who was extremely loud and rude to not only fellow travelers, but also “a very patient male flight attendant.” Near the end of the flight, when this was particularly noticeable and annoying, another woman aboard stood up and told her she was the most rude person she ever met, and then, “Stop, stop, stop! In the name of the angel Michael, I rebuke the demon in you!”

It was a “showstopper,” said Lemieux, and the woman kept quiet for the rest of the flight, while “We all cowered in our seats.”

Now if only we can exorcize the White House!





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