Early Night

30 10 2009

To all,

I just wanted to let my readers know that I will be making this an early night because I want to be well rested for a very important training day tomorrow. I will be attending a training seminar for Conservative Activists and I would like to pass-on what I learn to anyone that’s interested. If you want to be included in an email where I highlight what I learned, simply send an email to me at giovanni.faga@yahoo.com put the word ‘TRAINING’ in the subject line and I will add you to the list. Other than ‘TRAINING’ in the subject line please let me know who you are from the blog. If you use a nick-name on the internet and the blog, just give me that. Below is what the training will cover…

Internet War!



The seminar will cover cutting edge strategies and techniques for investigative journalism and online activism, including:

  • Making public records requests
  • Investigating individuals, campaigns, city hall, and schools
  • Using databases and maps
  • How to set up a blog and use it successfully
  • Organizing and mobilizing with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Leveraging the power of online video

Learn how you can become a more effective activist by using investigative reporting skills and online activism tools to mobilize, defend, and amplify the voice of the Right.




2 responses

30 10 2009

We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, Gio, and looking forward to your report.

Should be interesting!

30 10 2009

Thanks Eowyn.

I hope to come away from the training with good useable info so others can copy what we do. We need to grow our ranks, not only in numbers, but in activists!


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