Climate Change Shame

30 10 2009

polar_bearThis video has been posted over at Huffpo where the Ecofascists think it’s the best video since the taping of Obama’s acceptance speech. The symbolism in this video is wrong on a few levels. For me, the most insulting part is how they have to ‘use’ children to try and make a point.

I thought this was bad until I saw the pics from Obama’s midnight run last night, to meet the coffins of our dead soldiers coming back from Afghanistan. I am disgusted by it because coffins of our dead heros are NOT to be used as a photo opportunity. The White House is going to claim that it was NOT a photo op, but we Americans are NOT stupid. If they didn’t want it to be a photo op they wouldn’t have let the media in to take pictures! Sorry for the rant, here’s the Ecofascist video I was talking about…




3 responses

30 10 2009

OK, the little law breakers should have been tear gassed and then clubbed…………… they would learned their lesson……….LOL….OK, just kidding, but I don’t want the next group of anarchists thinking this behavor is OK, so maybe just the water cannons…………. 😉

30 10 2009

Perhaps we should make a video with kids protesting out pres, with signs saying to stop bankrupting their future!

30 10 2009

Oops, I meant ‘our’ pres!

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