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29 10 2009

obama9For those of you that follow this blog on a regular basis know that I have a special dis-like and dis-trust of the Communist organization known as “People for the American Way”. I started my one man vendetta the day I accidently ran into a link titled “Born Again American” and went to check it out. As soon as the site comes-up it starts a video that has the soundtrack to a very catchy, and very patriotic sounding song called “Born Again American”. The entire site is a place where they use trickery to get you to sign-up to become one more ‘Born Again American’ by becoming a part of “People for the American Way”. You have to pick the song apart and dig into the background of this organization to realize what they really are. They are a Communist organization that wants nothing less than to do away with our way of governing. They are masters at using our founding documents against the original intent of those documents.

Here’s an example: Below is a 2 paragraph clip from a News Bulletin that was put out today by this organization. The first person mentioned in this small part of the article is Reverend Timothy McDonald. Not only is he a board member for People For the American Way, he’s also a Preacher that preaches the same Gospel as the infamous Rev. Wright. They preach a Marxist Gospel, hidden behind an Afro-centric religion. I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but it’s true.

After the example below, be sure to read some of what I got in my email today from the very same group. These people are dangerous and need to be marginalized.

People For The American Way

Today, President Obama signed into law the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

The legislation will extend important protections to victims of violent hate crimes committed based on a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and/or disability. It also strengthens existing hate crimes protections for a variety of other categories, including race, color, religion, national origin and ethnicity.

“We’ve struggled for many years to enact this legislation, but I am deeply grateful to see these protections become federal law,” said Reverend Timothy McDonald, People For the American Way board member and chairman of the African American Ministers In Action. “This bill exemplifies our deepest American values, it ensures strong action against senseless violence against people targeted simply because of who they are, and furthermore it will protect the religious freedom of all clergy to speak out on any issue they feel passionately about. It is shameful that opponents of this bill and the Religious Right have waged a dishonest and unfair campaign against it, and I am thankful to all those who stood up to defend those most in need.”


You will understand exactly what I’m talking about when you read the following email I received from this Org. I sign-up for their email alerts to keep an eye on what they are up to. THEY NEED TO BE WATCHED CLOSELY!


A message from, Michael B. Keegan, People For the American Way

McCarthyism is back. Let’s call it what it is. 

We are seeing one witch hunt after another led by right-wing opinion leaders, media outlets, organizations and even members of Congress. They pursue personal smear campaigns, grasping at straws to create “guilt by association” and challenge the legitimacy, allegiances and patriotism of their opponents.

Remember the Bush-era attacks on the patriotism of anyone who questioned the administration’s policies? Those look tame in comparison. Now, with Democrats in power, the insinuation is that the president, his advisers and his political allies are actively trying to destroy America from within and, despite being elected by the people, are inherently unfit to lead.

We stand up to right-wing bullies every day, and we want to help all courageous Americans do the same. People For the American Way is ready to confront this new McCarthyism head-on. In the coming days and weeks we will be exposing the Right’s tactics and rhetoric, creating tools to help activists combat them and educating Americans about the insidious nature of what we see happening in this country, and we will impress upon Americans the urgency of stopping it.

In a 1954 Senate hearing, Army head counsel Joseph Welch famously put Senator Joseph McCarthy in his place, saying, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

In that great moment in American history, Welch called McCarthy out for his “cruelty” and “recklessness.” The crowd at the hearing erupted in applause and all of a sudden McCarthy’s power started its decline.

It’s time for all of us to ask that same question — Have you no sense of decency? — of those on the Right who have resurrected McCarthy’s tactics.

Radical Right activists (“Birthers,” “Tea Baggers”), paranoid anti-government extremists and irresponsible media personalities like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (and media outlets like FOX News) — in many cases with the backing of entrenched right-wing and corporate interest groups — have simultaneously raised the ominous, not to mention incompatible, specters of socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism and infiltration by foreign elements. This has created a backdrop of suspicion in which McCarthy-like intimidation, guilt by association and character assassination thrive.

In the last two weeks alone, we’ve seen:

  • 53 right-wing members of Congress sign a letter to the President requesting that he fire Kevin Jennings who heads the office at the Department of Education tasked with keeping schools safe, for “promoting homosexuality and pushing a pro-homosexual agenda in America’s schools.” Jennings, a gay man and founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), has been the target of right-wing groups like Family Research Council for months. He was also the victim of false accusations that he broke the law in counseling an underage student when he was a teacher — and the congressional letter included that allegation even though the office of the letter’s primary signer, Rep. Steve King, had been made aware that the story was wrong.
  • Glenn Beck, whose “6 degrees of Obama” guilt-by-association attacks have generally lacked any shred of coherence, has been going after White House Communications Director Anita Dunn for once offhandedly referring to Mao Tse-tung (along with Mother Teresa) as one of her favorite political philosophers. He has repeatedly implied that this means she must endorse his heinous deeds and personal ideology while remaining conspicuously silent about the fact that many icons of the conservative movement have approvingly cited the political writings and tactics of communists like Mao, Lenin and the Viet Cong.
  • Just this past Sunday, the notoriously right-wing editorial page of the Washington Times savaged Judge Edward Chen, who is nominated to the Northern District Court of California, opening the piece with the sentence, “Another day, another Obama nominee who doesn’t appear to love America.” For its ‘evidence,’ the editorial cites: Chen’s acknowledgement of what we all know — that a judge’s life experiences affect how he or she views a case (shades of the attacks against Sonia Sotomayor); the fact that he expressed concern — as many thinking Americans did — about potential recriminations for Muslim Americans following the tragedy of September 11; and his former work with the ACLU.

Of course, the use of race-baiting, red-baiting, gay-baiting and lies to characterize people as enemies of America doesn’t stop with attacks on administration officials and nominees. There have been many more examples, and sadly, there will undoubtedly be many more to come.

That’s why we must all be vigilant. We must call out fear-mongering and intimidation in government, in the media and in our own communities. And when we confront it, we must ask the vital question, “Have you no sense of decency?”

People For the American Way is getting out in front of this troubling and pervasive new trend. Through research, educational materials and activism tools, we’ll give you what you need to stand up to the Right and McCarthyism.

Thank you for all that you do, and stay tuned for much more.




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