Obama Is Conservative!

29 10 2009
INTELL Ayers 4

Bill Ayers

Sam Tanenhaus

Sam Tanenhaus

Ayers and Tanenhaus:













I was watching Charlie Rose’s show on PBS last night. Rose was interviewing Sam Tanenbaus, who was hawking his  new book The Death of Conservatism.

Tanenhaus comes with impressive credentials. He’s described as an American author, historian and biographer, who was an assistant editor at The New York Times, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, and the senior editor of The New York Times Book Review. His 1997 biography of Whittaker Chambers won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Biography.

Although I was immediately repulsed by Tanenhaus because he bears a remarkable resemblance to unrepentant domestic terrorist and Obama’s pal and ghostwriter Bill Ayers, I forced myself to watch the interview because of the subject of his book, conservatism — until Tanenhaus says this (I’m now relating this from memory):

“President Obama is quite conservative, you know. ”

Charlie Rose looks quizzical. Trying to be helpful, Rose says: “You mean Obama’s bearing and temperament?”

Tanenhaus: “No, I mean Obama is conservative in his policies.”

Rose looks nonplussed.

Tanenhaus: “Obama has turned back the clock on decades of the imperial presidency! He is pursuing a multilateral approach in his foreign policy and international politics, unlike Bush’s go-it-alone unilateralism. ”

Rose, straining to be polite to his guest, then gently tries to point out that the imperial presidency refers to the expansion of the executive branch vis-a-vis the other two branches of the federal government, and that — perhaps, maybe — Tanenhaus is confusing the “imperial presidency” with “American imperialism” abroad.

That was when I changed channels.

And to think, Tanenhaus — who is clueless about what conservatism means — wrote a book on “the death of conservatism” and it was published! LOL

One more thought to take away from this:

In describing Obama as “conservative,” Tanenhaus, who’s a liberal, clearly meant it to be a compliment. Go figure!





4 responses

29 10 2009

And here I thought I had heard it all. What part of “flaming liberal” doesn’t this author understand?

29 10 2009

“‘Obama has turned back the clock on decades of the imperial presidency!…'”

What is this goober talking about? Obama is the most imperial president this nation has yet seen.


29 10 2009


This Ayers-lookalike was referring to Obama’s foreign “policy.” As you know, the Left just love it when Obama goes around apologizing to the world for America’s wrongs, real or imagined.

29 10 2009


What the heck is it with liberals? They know darn well they are about to do an interview, yet they still hit the crack-pipe prior to going on.


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