How Liberals Think

27 10 2009


We all know that conservatives and liberals don’t believe in the same ideals and principles. Now, we have evidence that liberals also approach problems in an entirely different way than conservatives. Here are two examples, both from the Belly of the Liberal Beast — the San Francisco Bay Area.

The first example is from San Francisco — a city with a sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants aliens.

California state law is that illegals aren’t allowed to get driver’s licenses. That, of course, does not stop illegals from driving. When they get caught by the police, the law is that their cars are impounded.

The 30-day car impounds have long been a sore point with San Francisco’s Latino politicos and activists, who feel the practice is unfair because so many unlicensed drivers are illegals from Mexico.

Enter S. F. Mayor Gavin Newsom, who’s infamous for authorizing gay marriages in 2004, then crowing with manic glee on TV camera that there would be gay marriages “whether you like it or not!” A lameduck second-term mayor, Newsom has now set his sights on being California’s next governor.

This is Newsom’s proposed solution:

Since many unlicensed drivers are illegal aliens, impounding their cars is an “unfair hardship.” So cops will no longer impound cars the first time drivers are pulled over without a license. Instead, unlicensed drivers will be given 20 minutes to phone a relative or other acquaintance with a valid license and insurance to pick up the car. If the driver doesn’t have a cell phone, police will help him contact someone. If no one shows up, then the cop is to call a supervisor to approve the tow. A second offense within six months means an automatic tow. But, for those who stay clean for half a year, the clock starts over.

A S.F. traffic cop, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, told a reporter that the new policy will endanger the public because people without licenses are often lousy drivers: “These are the same people who are sailing through stop signs and injuring people.”

*     *     *     *

The second example of how the liberal mind works is from Oakland, a city with a population of more than 420,000, across the bay from San Francisco. A friend who’s a former public defender said that Oakland has 10,000 parolees, which most certainly accounts for the city’s reputation as a dangerous place, with one of the top five highest rates of violent crime in the US.

Oakland’s crimes are most concentrated in the eastern part of the city. Of late, a nasty fad, called “sideshow,” has sprouted in the streets of East Oakland. Sideshows involve drivers competing with other drivers by weaving, speeding, and doing doughnuts — spinning around in circles — with crowds cheering them on.

About a week ago, a sideshow crash killed three people, which prompted a police crackdown. Police arrested 19 people on various charges, recovered two handguns, wrote 95 citations, towed 30 cars, and chased three vehicles.

This is Oakland’s inept Mayor Ron Dellums’ proposed solution — just declare sideshows to be legal! I’m not kidding. Dellums said:

“We need to think creatively about how we solve this problem. Is it possible to take the skill that’s involved and take it off the streets and apply safety equipment, put it in a place where it is not endangering the participants and it’s not endangering people who are watching.”

To conclude, truly, liberal people do not think like you or I! This is why (see pic below).





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27 10 2009

How Liberals [Think]???

LOL-Eowyn, it’s F-E-E-L.


27 10 2009

Oh, I agree, Dave!
See pic I just added to the bottom of the post! LOL

27 10 2009

LOL-Yep, that pretty much covers it.


27 10 2009

oh my that is too funny, keep up the good work….

27 10 2009

This is truly bewildering…where is the incentive for legal drivers to renew and maintain their licenses and insurance? Or are they exempt due to the fact they are legal and therefore encounter no “hardships”?

Does any other country treat their illegal aliens with such baby gloves? I lived in Mexico for a year (with a student visa) and everytime we were pulled offer I had to cough up $ because I was the rich gringo. No hardship passes in their country. No wonder Mexicans flock here…

6 03 2010
Rick THe Bus Driver

When you hear them say social justice always respond with EQUIL JUSTICE. And when they say progressive always respond with Socialist.

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