27 10 2009

This is one reason why I like Fred Thompson so much. And before anyone comes after me because Fred couldn’t make it in the Presidential primaries, let me briefly explain to you what happened to Fred. In many of Fred Thompsons’ interviews he stated the following… “If the people want me I will serve”.

AAfred-thompsonWhile the media pushed McCain on us, Conservative Republicans were fighting over Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, and the fringe pushing Ron Paul, Fred Thompson stood alone staying with the Conservative values that most of us stand for. Day in and day out Freds message never changed despite daily polls or the crowd he was in front of. Well, as fate would have it, the people did NOT get behind Fred. Then when Fred had no choice but to drop out, the people turned on him saying stupid stuff like “Fred doesn’t act like he wants to be president” blah, blah, blah. Personally, I still have Fred stickers on my vehicles because I support Conservatives!


Fred Thompson: ‘Send Washington A Message’ By Voting Hoffman

By Elizabeth Benjamin

Former US senator, 2008 presidential contender and “Law & Order” star Fred Thompson stars in a new TV ad for NY-23 candidate Doug Hoffman in which he urges voters to “send a message to Washington” by voting for the Conservative nominee.

Thompson, who was among the first national pols to endorse Hoffman, has a history with the New York Conservative Party.

In January 2008, state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long called Thompson his “favorite candidate” and hinted at an early endorsement. This was a snub to the hometown GOP contender, Rudy Giuliani, which isn’t so surprising, since Long and the former mayor have never had a great relationship.

Thompson was the guest of honor at the party’s annual fall reception last year, too.

In this ad, which is paid for by Hoffman’s campaign as opposed to the Club for Growth or NRCC, Thompson calls the candidate “a principled conservative” (he’s an enrolled Republican who decided to run after losing out on the nomination from the 11 local county chairs to Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava).

Thompson seems to embrace the argument made conservatives around the country who have organized against Scozzafava: That sending a message to the GOP to discourage future moderate candidates is more important that holding on to a seat that has been in the party’s hands for decades – even if it means creating a path to victory for the Democrat.

Here’s the script:

“Big government. High taxes. Deficits. Broken promises. America’s in trouble. So when your grandchildren ask you why you didn’t do something, be able to tell them that you voted for Doug Hoffman. He’s not a career politician. Doug’s like us: A concerned neighbor who’s just had enough. He’s a principled conservative who will come home when the job is done. We can send Washington a message – elect Doug Hoffman.”

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27 10 2009

Oh, what could have been…


27 10 2009

Fred Thompson should run on the Conservative Party ticket in 2012!

27 10 2009


I think Fred has put running for office behind him. With two young kids I think he now wants to make some money for their future. And Fred is too honest to try and make money as a (corrupt) politician.


27 10 2009

I agree with you but believe if (when) things get bad enough, Fred will want to protect our country and his kid’s futures. He and Sarah have a lot invested in their families and grandkid’s futures as well as a strong love for our country. We can’t let the country fall to the leadership of Romney, Huckabee or God forbid, Newt.

3 10 2014
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