Be Forewarned!

27 10 2009


Just a warning:

We should pay attention to what happened to Walter Bagdasarian — especially those of us who have a tendency to “fly off the handle” on Giovanni’s World.



A California man who posted Internet messages about killing Barack Obama during last year’s presidential campaign has avoided federal prison.

Walter Bagdasarian (Bag-duh-SAHR’-ee-uhn) was sentenced Monday to 24 days of prison time already served, 60 days in a halfway house, two years of supervised release and a $500 fine.

The 48-year-old La Mesa man was convicted of posting racially charged, threatening messages on a Yahoo Finance message board last October, during the U.S. presidential campaign about killing Barack Obama.

Prosecutors say one on a Yahoo Finance board read, “He will have a 50 cal in the head soon.” Authorities say they found a .50-caliber rifle in his home.

U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff reached the verdict only an hour after the trial started Tuesday. No witnesses were presented.

An attorney for the 47-year-old defendant said his client was drunk when he posted the comments.





9 responses

27 10 2009
Tom in NC

I wouldn’t want anybody to kill Obama mainly because he would then become a martyr and even more powerful in death than he was in life. His assassination would be the worst thing that could happen to this country, it would give the liberals a blank check for any legislation they want to pass.

27 10 2009

I myself do not think obama or his life is worth Anyones time in prison…..
However I do hope that he catches a clue, grows some balls and swallows a BULLET and put us all out of his missery…..
If you think about it his life is not worth a day in jail muchless a lifetime…
Plus he’s the type that once he looses the next election and people keep running him down he will crawl back into the hole he crawled out of, he is a COWARD and SPINELESS LITTLE MAN not worth the bullet…. Besides, Do they even make SILVER BULLETS ANYMORE????

27 10 2009

oh must be having twinky withdrawl or maybe pms….

27 10 2009

Velenda: We all have to vent occasionally, so you go, girl! Today I’ve been crabby in my posts, but everyone here understands. Twinkies, huh? I could probably use some of those right now or maybe a pint of rum raisin Haagen Dazs. We all have our weaknesses. 🙂

28 10 2009

Just to clarify: Haagen Dazs rum raisin is the best ice cream in the world. $$$$$


27 10 2009

So he gets off on the drunk excuse…you buy a legal product, abuse it, and are forgiven. Heck, even drunk drivers get away with killing…Ted Kennedy comes to mind.

Lesson learned here…don’t drink and post! Guess I’ll not buy one of those beer hats Gio mentioned awhile ago…

27 10 2009


I do hope you know I was joking about the beer helmet, right?
Wink-wink. 😉


27 10 2009

yeah, I wouldn’t wear one…it would ruin my hair! I prefer mine cold and frosty from a bottle any way…ha

28 10 2009

Can I hope all his teeth fall out but one, and in that one may he have a toothache………. ;)……Old Johnny Carson Joke

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