CIA: Debt Threatens National Security

26 10 2009

destroys America

Isn’t it interesting that none other than CIA Director Leon Panetta is sounding the alarm about the gigantic and ballooning federal debt, but Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, simply barge on?

Wonder how along Panetta will keep his job before Obama gives him the Chicago-mob-Foxnews treatment? LOL




Carla Marinucci – Oct 24, 2009 –

CIA Director Leon Panetta speaks at a gathering of the Co...

CIA Director Leon Panetta warned Friday that the nation’s ballooning federal debt threatens resources available for national security as well as education and health care, and that Americans should not expect “that we can remain a powerful nation” if the trend continues.

“This country cannot continue to run trillion-dollar deficits,” Panetta, the former head of the nation’s Office of Management and Budget, said at a gathering of the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, where he addressed a wide range of national security and intelligence issues.

With the national debt heading toward $2 trillion, he warned, borrowing from other nations makes the United States more dependent on those countries and increases interest in U.S. debt.

Continued spending and borrowing, Panetta said, will ultimately hurt future generations, which will have to pay the interest on that debt.

Panetta’s tough words came as the CIA director underscored the connection between the nation’s security needs and its financial troubles. As a former OMB director, he said he is deeply concerned about patterns he has seen on national spending.

“There’s always a tendency that when you borrow money, it becomes a bad habit,” he said, adding that Democrats and Republicans alike must confront the issue.

Panetta’s remarks came in a question-and-answer session during which one member of the audience demanded that he comment on reports that the CIA’s remote-controlled Predator drones, which are used to kill suspected terrorists in Pakistan, have killed 750 to 1,000 civilians since 2006.

The CIA director – resisting efforts of security to eject the woman, saying he wanted to answer her question – denied the accuracy of the reports, saying, “All I can tell you is that is not true.”

“The use (of drones) is very precise and limits collateral damage,” he added. “We do not use it in the way that involves the numbers that you just described.

“We have targeted those who are enemies of the United States, and we have deliberately made sure that only those kinds of targets are the ones that we’re going to go after.”




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26 10 2009


Then the CIA should listen to this dummy…

“Done correctly, health care reform can genuinely slow the growth rate of health care costs and thus put us on a path to greatly reduced budget deficits in the long run,” said Christina Romer, chairwoman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

She actually believes that having Obamacare will BRING DOWN THE DEFICIT. This leads me to wonder, do they do a Drug test on advisers?


26 10 2009
Tom in NC

It’s like I’ve always thought, all of Obama’s advisors must have attended the Cheech & Chong School of Economics.

26 10 2009

Are Cheech and Chong Commies?


26 10 2009


Several months ago I read a news article on Cheech and Chong, in which Chong still sounds far-Left.

26 10 2009

NO…, but they smoke some good chit man…………..Kule and far out dude.

26 10 2009
Tom in NC

I was thinking more along the lines the their economic theory was supported by heavy amounts of marijuana, speed and cocaine.

26 10 2009

I find that very easy to believe!


26 10 2009
Doc's Wife

Barry LOVED his cocaine when he was in Hawaii!

26 10 2009

I have a few doubts as to the accuracy of this story. Not that the debt will hurt national security; that only stand to reason. However, the sentence “in San Francisco, where he addressed a wide range of national security and intelligence issues” seems highly implausible; I doubt there’s much in the way of intelligence in a SanFran gathering of libs.

Secondly, the closer: “We have targeted those who are enemies of the United States, and we have deliberately made sure that only those kinds of targets are the ones that we’re going to go after” is surely lacking the obligatory, “However, I’m sure Bush was targeting civilians, especially babies, grandmothers, and kittens. So thank you Medea and Jodie for coming here today.”

Finally, if this actually is true, then the “Toe the Line, Leon!” Politico article should already be in re-write.

26 10 2009


I have no reason to doubt this story. I read it in the San Francisco Chronicle; the reporter Carla Marinucci I’ve found to be accurate and surprisingly objective given the liberal SFC.

This story obviously did not get national coverage since it was about a speech Panetta gave in San Francisco.

26 10 2009

Please excuse my ‘/sarc’ omission. 🙂

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