Action Alert

26 10 2009

Thanks goes out to Dee over at Patriotic Resistance for this alert!

Need all to vote at the NPR poll:  White House vs FOX News…then pass it on to your friends so they can vote too!




3 responses

26 10 2009

I just voted [7pm west coast]

Total Votes: 6,224
Fox News on this one; it asks questions others don’t and the White House should be able to handle them. 80% (4,992 votes)
The White House on this one; Fox News isn’t “fair and balanced.” 17% (1,054 votes)
Neither side. They’re both trying to play this “feud” to their advantage. 3% (178 votes)

27 10 2009

Just voted this morning:

WH 3160 votes 28%
FOX 7608 votes 67%
Neither 672 votes 6%

27 10 2009

The libtards must have gotten the word to rush over and vote, when I voted last night FOX was at 81%.

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