National Emergency Announcement

24 10 2009

At 11:45 am EST, Obama declared a state of National Emergency due to the Swine Flu Virus (H1N1).

Many across the country have warned that the Obama administration would try to use the Swine Flu epidemic to pull-off some sort of bogus move. For those of you that follow that line of thinking, this is your day. For the rest of us, we need to PAY ATTENTION. Please keep your eyes and ears open and report anything out of the norm. Vigilance, is a common sense move in this day and age.





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24 10 2009

Some national emergency! We don’t even have enough H1N1virus vaccine to go around. Besides, didn’t CBS News say that this pandemic is greatly exaggerated?

Now is the time for Oath Keepers and all good Americans to come to the fore!

If they come to herd me to the quarantine camps, I’ll say: “After you, Obama and Pelosi!” LOL

24 10 2009

My firm cancelled flu shots because the provider ran out of vaccines…Manufactured crisis that they can’t let go to waste…

24 10 2009
Doc's Wife

We didn’t want to give Swine Flu shots– the paperwork for each shot was unreal! We cannot even order any more masks for our office at this time due to a shortage! How prepared are we for this so-called emergency! Barry’s declaration today could prove to be a very dangerous thing–I thought this might happen. He and his cronies need to be watched closely!!!!

24 10 2009

What’s up with the paperwork? A lot of gov’t reporting?

25 10 2009

CT didn’t I warn of this on NB? By declaring an emergency, the Federal Government via the local health departments now have the ability usurp control over the hospitals and therefore can change the admission policy of any and every hospital to exclude NON PRIORITY patients. That means senior citizens and those with chronic (i.e. NOT Acute) life threatening diseases can be denied admission and treatment and left to die. As pointed out, senior citizens who are the least affected group as far as H1N1 are actually under Obama’s declaration now the target group of de facto H1N1 victims by displacement. It’s a truly evil policy considering Obama by implication has BLAMED senior citizens for the high cost of health care by claiming half of a person’s lifetime cost of health care occurs in the last years of life. This is government mandated euthanasia STRAIGHT UP.

25 10 2009


Unfortunately, you may have nailed this one. I say “unfortunately” because I wish you were wrong, and I wish your Crystal Ball would run out of batteries.

Leaving seniors to die could have a nasty whip-lash reaction in this country. There are still millions of us that love and respect the elderly. So once the government starts down this road, there will be hell raised like this country has never seen before. But in the meantime lord knows how many seniors could lose their lives due to a supposedly progressive government.

NOTE:Dan is NOT talking in code at the beginning of his comment above. “CT” has to do with my net-nick name which happens to be ‘Clear Thinker’. And the “NB” he mentions stands for ‘’ where I use the Clear Thinker name.


25 10 2009
Doc's Wife

yep–Gov’t is requiring several sheets of paperwork be returned to them for each shot given. Don’t know what all info is but it is very detailed. Not worth it to docs –they only get paid minimal shot administration fee which is not much. Wonder if docs can be sued if the shots prove to be dangerous? Bet I know that answer!

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