Conservatives Mentally Ill

23 10 2009


Today’s has a fascinating piece on what MSM reporters think of conservatives.

An e-mail from a Florida newspaper reporter named John Guerra is reproduced on the BigGovernment webpage. Guerra is a reporter for the Key News who is so ill-informed that he equates conservatives with Republicans. His e-mail contains the Left’s standard malicious stereotypes about conservatives.

What happened to “objective” journalism? LOL

Since the website does not enable me to copy and paste the e-mail, I’ve copied it down by hand and re-typed it to post here. This is the e-mail:

Fr: John Guerra

Sent: Tuesday, Sept 08, 2009 4:21PM

To: Dubois, Stephanie

I don’t believe one word you or other conservatives say.

The Republican Party is now a mentally ill group of people who want nothing more than to destroy Obama’s first term no matter how much the country needs his policies.

I despise your party’s activities and the hatred you spew on Fox and other sounding boards for the insurance companies.

Please don’t you dare get him killed, which is the underlying goal of you right wing nuts.





13 responses

23 10 2009


The left has another Journalist in their clutches and all they had to do was indoctrinate him in Journo School. What a whiny little freak this guy is.


23 10 2009

Of course we are! After all, we voted for McCain.

/s (sort of)


23 10 2009

Like policies such as setting a massive record deficit, waging a war against Fox News instead of completing Afghanistan, Cash for Clunkers which destroyed perfectly good cars, stimulus spending that resulted in higher unemployment, etc, etc. Yeah dumbarse, those are great policies for our country.

23 10 2009

Cec just reminded me of the psychological term for that: projection. The guy’s a stellar example of journalism today.



23 10 2009
Cec Moon

Father Guerra (oops that’s Fr with a colon–never mind!) is right in saying we Conservatives are ill. What I question is the “mentally” part. Just about every conservative I know is sick to death of the socialization of America. They are sick of debt, sick of wishy-washy Afghanistan policy, sick of soaring debt with no end in sight, sick of abortion, sick of Czars, sick of the promotion of the gay lifestyle, sick of constant accusations of racism, sick of lame attempts to control speech, sick of ill-gotten prizes, and sick of just about every cock-a-mamie crazy thing this guy has done. Guilty as charged!

24 10 2009

Cecil……….This is gonna be a long response………………Ditto,
…….LOL… 😉

24 10 2009

The fact that this lib says “don’t dare get him killed” means they are ready to offer up Obama on the alter of martyrdom. Then we will have the worst of both worlds, a glorified Obama and the serial lying village idiot as president.

24 10 2009

Dan…………….That is my night mare scenario……………I would throw myself in front of a bullet for him…………LOL………Not so sure about Secret Service though,
… 😉 That’s all we need is St. Obama………sheesh

24 10 2009

You know libs, always Projecting.

I have to wonder if this is their fall back position to toss Obama under the bus if the double down on ObamaCare fails. Obama has pinned his entire reputation, such as it is, on Health Care “Reform”. The problem with putting people up on pedestals is they are easy targets. Combine this will the seeming manic irrational over idealization of Obama by libs, a man who has literally done nothing, you have a classic case of “Splitting”. When he disappoints, his fall from the pedestal will be sudden and catastrophic. Just look at the problem Obama is having with gays, he over promised, moved too slow and thus under delivered not meeting their expectations.

Splitting: A patient, struggling with inner turmoil, finds someone on the ward who seems responsive to his or her needs, idealizes that staff member and invests this person with strength, love and power. The staff member, standing beneath this shining light, finds it hard to resist the temptation to accept as reality the wondrous feelings of idealized specialness. Whatever tensions might exist on the ward are magnified by a subtle intensification or manipulation of those who are experienced as good and those who are determined to be bad.

Inevitably, the staff member betrays the patient’s idealization by some evidence of human frailty. The patient, overcome by the intense affects and anxiety this evokes, turns on the person as he would a deadly enemy and attacks. The patient then goes off in search of someone else to idealize and use as protection. The staff member feels demeaned, humiliated and attacked.

Yes, a true liberal, one who has fully embraced victimhood, IS mentally ill and self destructive.

24 10 2009


You’re onto something here!

The Left really do have a sorry record of eating their own:

*There’s case after case of Marxist “charismatic” leaders who, after the revolution, turned on their own party comrades:

– Stalin’s Great Purge (aka Great Terror) in the 1930s, including sending an assassin to kill Leon Trotsky, former head of the Red Army, who had fled to Mexico.

– Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-69), in which he used the gullible youth (Red Guards) to purge the Communist Party, and finally the military to “restore” order.

* In our own country, Malcolm X was assassinated by a fellow black Muslim.

24 10 2009

Eowyn, Your right. Once they get the power……….the guys they clawed their way over to the top usually end up dying from acute lead poisoning which is usually introduced from the back of the skull. The mysterious thing about this lead poisoning it Miraculously spreads like wild fire to like thousand of people only to be found years later in what is been reported to be holes UFO’s created and somehow vacuumed all these poor poisoning victims together to give them a proper Christian Burial.

24 10 2009
Cec Moon

No sensible conservative wants Obama to fall to an assassin’s bullet. We would much prefer to see him humiliated, humbled, and haunted by his proven mistakes. Resignation-fine! Impeached–wonderful! Fail to win re-election–that’s okay too! Slain by a coward’s bullet–absolutely not. There would be no redemption or reward in that. A dead man has no opportunity to extend the time of repayment for his crimes other than the momentary realization that he is indeed headed straight to hell.

24 10 2009

During the Bush administration, wasn’t there a movie, faux documentary-style, of an assassination on George W.? How convenient of this reporter to have forgotten that!

dscott is right: this is a massive case of projection, pure and simple.

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