Obama’s Muslim Czar

22 10 2009


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Dalia Mogahed is advisor on all matters Islamic whom Obama has appointed to the Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  She describes her role in the Obama administration as a communicator to the president and other public officials of “what it is Muslims want.” In other words, she is Obama’s Muslim czar. As such, her particular brand of Islam warrants some scrutiny.

According to an article by Stephen Schwartz, a prominent American convert to Islam, in the Weekly Standard on October 20, 2009, it turns out that the Islam embraced by Mogahed is decidedly fundamentalist — a brand that endorses Shariah or Islamic law (which, of course, goes against American laws), approves of a restricted role for women (including the wearing of the Muslim headdress, hajib, in public), and calls for a global Islamic government.

Dalia Mogahed

Dalia Mogahed in a hajib

Born in Egypt, Mogahed  was brought to America as a child; earned a master’s in business; collaborated with tireless defender of radical Islam Georgetown professor John L. Esposito in producing a controversial study, Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think; and became a senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.

Early in October, Mogahed gave a telephone interview to a British Muslim fundamentalist television network, IslamChannel. The program also interviewed Nazreen Nawaz, a female representative of the ultra-radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT), or the Islamic Liberation Party, as a live guest. HT calls for a global Islamic regime (the “caliphate”), under sharia law, and the destruction of the West. The show was posted on Sunday, October 4, to HT’s UK website here.

On that program with an Islamic extremist advocate, not only did Mogahed not make any effort to establish any distance between their views, she delivered a defense of sharia law, and, in particular, its application to women. She alleged that “the perception of sharia and portrayal of sharia has been oversimplified even among Muslims,” and called for sharia to be viewed “holistically” (whatever that means). According to her, “the majority of women around the world associate sharia with ‘gender justice'” — a dignity that fundamentalist Muslims maintain is absent in the West. Mogahed further declared that Muslim women support “universal values of justice and equality” but reject “Western values,” which she associated with sexual promiscuity and male disrespect of women.

The extremist Islamic HT  spokeswoman Nawaz launched a wholesale attack on democracy and denunciation of “man-made law” as inferior to sharia. HT stands out for its anti-Jewish rhetoric, and is banned in some countries, such as Germany and Turkey, but operates legally in others, from the U.S. and Britain to Indonesia. HT has escaped wider suppression because it preaches, but does not practice, violence.

Mogahed described her role in the Obama administration as “to convey to the Advisory Council, to the president, and to other public officials what it is Muslims want.” Mogahed presented herself as “simply a researcher” capable of offering “accurately, and in a representative way, the actual views of Muslims.” But Mogahed also spoke benevolently of unidentified people, including non-Muslims, who favor “that the United States, and Britain, and other countries should be open to the concept of integrating sharia into law in Muslim-majority societies.” She stated that “of course, most Muslim-majority societies do have sharia as a part of their laws already.”

In reality, most Muslim-majority societies do not currently treat sharia as a part of public law, but as a separate corpus applicable only to exclusively religious matters. Sharia-dominated countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Sudan represent exceptions, not the rule. Muslim countries, including those ruled by sharia, have no shortage of victimized women and abusive men. In Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, crimes against women, including forced marriage, forced divorce, and female genital mutilation, are protected by sharia. This is something the whole world recognizes and many Muslims repudiate.

The reality is that sharia law is most often employed to oppress women, not to free them from the blandishments of the sinful West. The Mogahed approach discounts the widespread, moderate Muslim view that sharia, like other canons of religious law, should apply only to standards for diet, forms of prayer, and other strictly individual or personal options.

In a conference in Europe last year, Dalia Mogahed also erroneously compared and equated sharia to America’s Declaration of Independence. She said that shari’a represents to many Muslims a kind of declaration of independence, affirming that God wants to bring justice to all people and that God’s justice is higher than the distorted and haphazard tyranny of modern dictators. However repressive shari’a might appear to Westerners, it is actually a major step up for many Muslims who suffer under systems with corrupt dictators in the capital city and crooked police officers in the neighborhood.

To conclude, Obama’s Muslim czar’s views on Islam are the same as the outlook of Islamists in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries threatened by fundamentalist tyranny, in which religious governance is posed as the sole alternative to secular dictatorship. She and other fundamentalist Muslims regard democracy as Western in origin and thus not “universal.” Democracy is rejected as one of those corrupt Western practices along with free sex and male supremacy.

At a time when Muslims around the world are increasingly turning toward civil society, Dalia Mogahed offers the retrograde fantasy of sharia as liberating, even as comparable with the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Such an individual is inappropriate as an adviser to the president, and can do great harm by providing an American seal of approval to extreme sharia ideology.





8 responses

22 10 2009

I want to know this: WHAT IS GOING TO BE THE STRAW THAT FINALLY BREAKS THE CAMEL’S BACK? Or, when we’ve been stripped of our guns, our speech, and the rest of our freedoms, sitting in detention camps, will someone look up from our mountain of misery and say, “Duh, we should have seen this coming.”???

22 10 2009
Doc's Wife

Why am I not surprised by this–Barry is most likely Muslim. Glenn Beck needs to get on this!

22 10 2009

They’ll be no stripping of no guns around here granny…………..I can guarantee that……That will in my opinion be the final straw. For me it might be much sooner. I absolutly know how you feel. I too am at the end of my rope and do not know what to do about it. It’s as if they pick these people to see how far our limit is. I do believe they would like a crisis to happen so they could declare martial law or some other nonsense which I will not obey. I just hope the vast majority do not buckle under when the time comes and let em have it with everything they have. I do not think the P.D. and Military would actualy fire on American Citizens just defending. I’m just afraid of a nutjob Timothy McVeigh type of scenario. Although at this point I couldn’t much, or I should say I could kinda understand. I feel like they want this to end badly….like were being prodded to do something. Just remember we’re in the right try to save this Country and we will wear “The Armor of Christ ” Against these muderous baby killers if and when the battle comes.
now wasn’t that a cheerful post………….your turn Tom………..LOL,…. 😉

26 10 2009

Taxpaying American citizens, absolutely should not be in the position of feeling it is up to us, “to be the First Responders” in defending America’s (our), Sovereignty, Freedoms and the Constitution. Politicians on both side of the sacred aisle are elected, by us to do so. Congress has failed America and themselves in my view. I do not feel this Congress will do what is right, far to much political correctness, corruption and bed wetting. There is something real bad in the water in DC. It is up to American citizens to save America in some way. Additionally, what of our Military leaders ?…did they not take an oath to “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic… etc etc.” Congress takes a similar oath of office. This administration is lawless, and connecting the dots on their actions bears that statement out…again in my view.

27 10 2009

Burt, I agree it should not be up to us to man the front lines. I am hoping the Military comes to their senses and realize what is being done to our Constitution. Right now they are between a rock and a hard place. I think this Admin is waiting for one “Big Bang” so to speak, to try and impose martial law. Then the fun begins. We will have to see which side the military falls. I have spoken to several and they all say they will never do that to the American people. Now if barry et al wants to send in his brown shirts……..well, then let’s just say it might get interesting…

26 10 2009


From what I am hearing, our military has serious reservations about the prez. That for us is good news. You should check out the Oath-Keepers.


27 10 2009

When are all of us idiots going to realize what is occurring & that this is approaching THE END for all of us UNLESS we rise up & make our voices heard, loud & clear. And where are our vaunted ersatz representatives, who represent themselves and Muslims, it seems. We are LOSING!!!

27 10 2009


What exactly do you mean by “THE END for all of us”?


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