Important Obamacare Info

22 10 2009

“Sen. Jay Rockefeller has a confession to make to the taxpaying American people, “We cannot promise [you] that the insurance reforms… will benefit everyone, when the reality is that this bill leaves out up to 55 percent, or 73 million people” (who are already covered by work plans).”

ObamaCareSymbolThe AP is also reporting that the group America’s Health
Insurance Plans
concludes that under the Baucus plan, costs
of private health insurance would rise by a whopping 111
percent over the next decade as compared to the current system where costs would rise by 79 percent…

President Obama said Affordable healthcare for all Americans…

Let’s be clear. This isn’t about health care. This
is about our government seizing more control over our lives!

That’s why in the days ahead I am marshaling our team to help
me launch a blistering grassroots counter-offensive to short-
this socialist push!

++ Health Care Petition Delivery
Just yesterday, I sounded the alarm for Grassfire team members to help me rally and mobilize critically needed extra support in time for our petition delivery to EVERY SENATE OFFICE next Tuesday (Oct. 27).

  I’m seeing stunning results:
    25,000 citizen signers, with nearly 200 more signing  EVERY HOUR!

    We have our team members who will be taking part in our petition delivery, and another 50 + citizens who are coming to meet with their lawmakers!

I really need every member of our team urging friends and family to be part of this event by signing our petition opposing ObamaCare!

Click here to sign:




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23 10 2009

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