Not Another RINO!

21 10 2009


RINO Alert!!!

I heard this first on Rush’s show this morning.

In New York’s Congressional District 23 special election, the Republican candidate is Diedre “Dede” Scozzafava, an assemblywoman in the Albany legislature who’s been endorsed by the Working Families Party — an ACORN affiliate. Scozzafava is also pro card check and pro stimulus package.

In a ranking of New York’s state legislators by the Conservative Party, out of a possible score of 100, Scozzafava received a measly 15. Worse still, 46 Democratic state legislators had a better conservative rating than she did!

Why has the Republican Party nominated Scozzafava — a liberal in GOP clothing? Keep doing this, GOP, and you’ll be buried in the trash-heap of history.

A better candidate is Doug Hoffman, who’s running to represent District 23 as a Conservative Party candidate. Hoffman is an army veteran, businessman, and NRA member. Here’s his stance on some of the issues:

General Platform: My platform is for less government regulations and red tape, less spending, less taxes and basically getting our freedoms back that are being taken away one by one by the legislation that we’ve been we see passing lately.

Health Care: What I would do with it first before I passed legislation is to go after tort reform, number one. Number two is competition between states of the insurance companies. There’s over 1300 insurance companies providing insurance. No new legislation and if there’s $120 billion of waste and fraud in the Medicare and Medicaid system, let’s find it before we spend it. We’re not going to spend it before we find it. Show me.

Cap and trade: I’m totally opposed to it. More government regulations, more red tape, more hidden fees and penalties which are really taxes.

Immigration: I do not believe on giving amnesty. I do believe, again, in giving better easier regulations and red tape to make workers that want to come into this country, giving them green cards easier so that we know they’re in here legally. We need to make it easy for skilled professionals and doctors and scientists and engineers that can come in here and help us out and then go home after they’ve done the job, we need to make it easier for them to come in.

Additional Comments: This is not a typical two way race. We can win this, and historical precedent shows that a conservative candidate running against two liberals can win. This is a rural conservative district and that that it has an army base in here. I’m an army veteran. The 10th Mountain Division is stationed here. That’s one of the highest deployed units to Afghanistan and Iraq, and I am the only candidate that really matches the ideals and values of the voters of the 23rd district.

The latest polling data on District 23 are: Democrat, 33, Republican 29. Conservative 23.

Calling all conservatives in New York’s District 23!

Don’t be fooled by RINO Dede Scozzafava! Cast your vote for the true conservative, Doug Hoffman!

If you can afford it, please consider sending money to Hoffman’s campaign by going here.

There’s a transcript of Glenn Beck’s interview with Hoffman here.





9 responses

21 10 2009

This is hilarious. See the signs behind her:

21 10 2009

Thanks, Muffin, for finding this! How do you do it? 😀

22 10 2009

Sometimes things just fall into my lap and I try to pass them along.

21 10 2009

That’s DEDE Hoffman right?………LOL….. 😉

22 10 2009

There you go again, Steve, making me laugh! Thanks. 🙂

22 10 2009

muffin, am I wrong……..I mean with all them signs it’s got to be……… 😉

22 10 2009

We are less than thirteen months away from what is going to be a more important national election than even the one scheduled* for 2012, and the Republican Party is still pushing RINOs.

God, this is depressing. 😦

*I said scheduled because I am not sure it is actually going to take place.

No joke.


12 04 2010

lol thats funny written by crystal

12 04 2010

i like that rino man that is clever

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