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21 10 2009

Must Act Now!

A month ago, on September 24, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius assured Americans there will be more than enough doses of the H1N1 vaccine to go around in the United States.

Today, however, an official from the government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) intimated that there isn’t enough.

Dr. Anne Schuchat told CBS’ “The Early Show” that “We wish we had more vaccine [but] we are a bit behind” because of the “unpredictable” production process.  She acknowledged that the H1N1 vaccine should be widely available by mid-November, but admitted distribution is slower than initially planned. In fact, the CDC had hoped to have shipped 40 million doses by the end of October. But the reality is that there are only between 12 and 30 million doses.

CBS News correspondent Don Teague reported that some cities across the country – like Dallas – don’t have enough vaccine to go around.

The H1N1 virus epidemic first emerged this past March. We are now in the waning days of October. In other words, our government had nearly EIGHT months to procure the vaccine.

Given this demonstration of incompetence, the Obama administration has some nerve to insist that we entrust our health care to the government!

[For info on H1N1, go here.]





4 responses

21 10 2009
Doc's Wife

There’s no way these fools could handle Health Care. There is not enough of the regular flu vaccine either because, supposedly they were too busy working on Swine Flu vaccines. They screwed up production on BOTH!

21 10 2009

They can’t seem to walk and chew gum at the same time……and they want to run our healthcare? Shaking my head again.

21 10 2009
Cec Moon

I’d be a lot more excited about this if there were any way in God’s world I would consider actually accepting the flu shot if it were offered. My response to the threat of mandatory vaccination was to clean my guns and be sure they were operable. A death result from the virus of 30,000 would make the odds 1 in 10,000. I can live with that.

21 10 2009


After looking pretty extensively into H1N1, I’ve also decided not to get the vaccine. This was BEFORE I read that there’s increasing skepticism about the efficacy of flu shots:

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