Climate Chains – The Movie

18 10 2009

dont-thinkThanks to the Cascade Policy Institute for all the content in this post (minus the graphic on left).

An epic debate is underway in our country. Proposed climate legislation would have a far-reaching impact on our standard of living and give government a portal into every aspect of our lives. The affordable, dependable and abundant energy upon which any great civilization is built is about to be rationed.

Because of the atmosphere of national and global panic, facts and the possible disastrous effects get overlooked in the irrational rush to pass climate legislation. Climate Chains is our effort to petition a reasoned and rational approach to the climate change policy debate.

We invite you to challenge your world view on our nations’ climate policy. We invite you to view Climate Chains, (the entire movie).

Below is the Climate Chains Trailer…




2 responses

18 10 2009

Having read your reply comments regarding my ‘shops, and in light of the topic of this thread, I’ll release this (subtle?) take on climate change legislation. I’ve been keeping this one “hidden” on my flickr page waiting for the right time to draw back the curtain, so-to-speak.

I hope the message is evident:

Oh, Gio- nice pickup on the “A” in the ObamaWorks Studios ‘shop. I thought that might go unnoticed.

19 10 2009

bkeyser, just awesome…..too funny,,, 😉

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