Subversive American Education

16 10 2009

This video is a great example of what has been happening in our schools. If something is not done about this, we will lose the battle with our up-and-coming generations. This is a battle between Good and Evil, a battle that we must win!





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16 10 2009

What can you add to this video? “Shocking”? No, not really. The liberal infestation in classrooms everywhere is necessary to their cause of social engineering. I do wonder, though, if there is any behavior that might be considered too salacious for the liberal stamp of approval. I so wish I could go back in time, with the knowledge I have now (who doesn’t right?) even if for just a semester so that I could be in a class environment just like this. I love a good argument and I guarantee you, there’s no way I’d keep my big trap shut if I was ever presented an ultimatum like this young student was. I’d be throwing the FoxNews threat left and right!

The best I can do though is live vicariously through my son, a high school senior. He’s currently taking a poly-sci class. We live in rural Maryland, in one of the few relatively conservative counties left in the state, though his teacher is decidedly liberal. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get some of my photoshops in under his name for extra-credit. Any thoughts? lol

16 10 2009
Cec Moon

It is with no small measure of shame which I view this video, made in the town where we have so recently enjoyed such professionalism and life saving care, which represents everything vile in education. It came as no news that these faculty members used such vile techniques to forward their agenda. Like bkeyser, I yearn for the opportunity to face these cretins myself and acquaint them with the necessity to teach and not indoctrinate.

The work of FIRE, or any other organization which fights these outrages, should be encouraged. The preservation of liberty is no easy task. It need not be left to others. Each in our own way must do all we can to ameliorate the destructive efforts to bully our youth into submission on campuses. This is a state university and should exist for the edification of all people regardless of any of their backgrounds, ethnicity, or faith.

Financial support, moral support for family and friends, personal visits and conversations with students and faculty to stay informed are necessary unless we are prepared to surrender our most vital resource to the dark side. These institutions exist and are paid for by the citizens for the general good and not as platforms for evil. We should be highly suspicious of resistance to any orderly and well behaved investigative inquiry. We should constantly remind ourselves that as tax payers we have the right to see where the money goes and the quality of stewardship in its application.

A thoroughly disgusting piece–the evidence, not the outcome. All praise for the young lady and her local champions. I note that there were four faculty members not dismissed because of tenure. One more reason to rid our institutions–all of them–of life-time positions.

16 10 2009

Government school = child/young-adult abuse.


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