Urgent Message to Pinandpuller

15 10 2009


Pinandpuller is a beloved GiovanniWorld member who occasionally posts comments that are unfailingly intelligent and humorous.

But Pin has not posted for some time now.

Message to Pin:

Unless you are in or recently visited the United Kingdom, your computer’s been hacked into and some criminal has your e-mail address and is using that to con money out of folks on your e-mail list.

You probably already know this. But if not, you need to thoroughly purge your computer of viruses; change your e-address; and notify all your contacts about the scam.

And…please write back to Gio’s World to let us know you’re okay. Plus, we just love to hear from you!






One response

15 10 2009

Well I must say that I am touched by the sentiment and amused by the circumstances of this post.

I am in my third week of a new job selling cars (or trying to) for a Nissan dealership. I do have a lot of downtime to surf but needless to say I have trouble with being blocked out of the kind of sites I like to frequent.

I had today off so I came by to see what I was missing. Apparently it was me.

I wonder if anyone ever falls for those scams. Well, perhaps I can write a lonely planet guide on can’t miss internet scam destinations.


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