Steve Wynn Speaks The Truth

13 10 2009

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn is the CEO of Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas.

He was interviewed on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace, along  with Jennifer Granholm, the governor of Michigan.

Chris Wallace says, “Unemployment in Nevada is 13.2%.  That’s the second highest in the nation.  Your company, Wynn Resorts, has more than 20,000 employees.  Do you see any turnaround yet?”

This is what Wynn said:

No, in the sense that I think that the priorities of the administration should have been more directly focused on job creation. From the day of the inauguration forward, the priority should have been job creation.  And the most powerful weapon and the tool that the government has for that is its tax policy. If the government had used its power to restrain its tax collection they would have given everybody who runs small businesses, large businesses, a chance to hire more people and that could have been done an entirely different way.  With eight or $900 billion we could have created four or five million jobs, which would have made a big difference.

Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization’s history.  For some reason that simple truth has evaded everybody.  The only thing that creates an increased standard of living is giving someone a job, the demand for their labor — whether it’s you and I, Chris, or anybody else.  The people that are paying the price for this juggernaut of federal spending are the middle class and the working class of America.

And soaring rhetoric and great speeches with or without a teleprompter aren’t going to change the truth, and the truth is: The biggest enemy, the biggest obstacle that working middle-class America has is government spending.

I’m saying that the source of government revenue, the source of well-being in this country is employment.  That allows companies to pay taxes, employees to pay taxes.  That’s the source here and it’s gotten out of focus….

I’ve got 20,000 employees. I’ve had as many as 150,000 families that I’ve been self-insuring.  There’s nothing “simplistic” about my approach to this problem.

[Source: Transcript of Rush Limbaugh, Oct 12, 2009]




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13 10 2009
Doc's Wife

It is not just lage companies that aren’t hiring–we desperately need 2 more people in our office. We are afraid to hire because our taxes are eating us alive. and we are uncertain as to the future of medicine. I do ALL dictation w/o pay just to stay above water. All doc are in the same boat, esp. Family Practice and that is what Barry is going to need for his absurd socialized medicine to work. A lot of large companies are resorting to Temp. Agencies when they hire to avoid benefits and health care costs.

6 05 2010

ok first of all you didn`t
put the birth of steve wynn,second
you didn`t put his family background
you should put more info on him.

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