Senate Finance Approves ObamaCare

13 10 2009

mourning angel

The Senate Finance Committee has approved the $829 billion health care reform bill on a 14-9 vote.

The Piece of Fecal Matter, Olympia Snowe, was the only Republican who voted yes.

Finance Chairman says the 14-9 vote means the Senate won’t need reconciliation to pass the bill.

H/t ever-alert GiovanniWorld member Steve!





3 responses

13 10 2009

If it passes , prepare for the pushback from the populace. America is gonna burn. Obarryo just told a majority of the people he could care less what they think……….bad move barryo. You’ve just pushed this sleeping giant off the porch and into the streets and by damn……..we’re taken this country back………you narcissistic pig…………….you’re going down with the ship. The worst divider of people ever………..great job barryo…….you’ve ruined America and now we the people have to fix your socialist ef up

13 10 2009

we sold the country down to him,god have mercy.

13 10 2009

P.S Consider This My Declaration Of Independence!!!!!!!

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