Team Sarah Needs You!

12 10 2009

URGENT: Tracking the SECRET Obamacare Bill

A message to all members of Team Sarah

We need your help!

On Team Sarah, We have 204 people in the review board and 170 on the social networking side.

ObamaCareSymbol100 people will “read and report”, around 20 will collate information and ensure that there are no “holes” in our coverage. If we succeed we will have digested any bill, up to 2,000 pages, within 2-4 hours or, I hope, less. I do, however, want BACKUP.

Can you help be reviewing information or reading a section if we need to fill in a missing “reader”? Can you help to track down information or find the “meaning” of obscure references or language?


If you want to be included on the ALERT list or if you can help, go here:

When I send an alert I will assign a “code” of 1-4 for reliability, 4 being best. This is an old intelligence code and it will allow us to quickly absorb the information and send it out to people like you. If you have feedback or questions or need clarification, let me know and I will send your request back down the line to get it clarified.

If we can pull this off we will be doing a HUGE service for our country and our cause. We will be funneling your findings to major blogs, websites, groups, and media to QUICKLY inundate the internet with this information and PREVENT these people from slipping ANYTHING past us.

Ask your friends to go to to volunteer, clear your schedule if at all possible, this is a VERY CRITICAL HOUR, we could receive this AT ANY MOMENT, or at midnight, or at 6AM.

I will be “up” for the duration with a giant pot of coffee watching this like a hawk.

I cannot tell you in words how seriously vital and important our work is right now: they are putting together a MONSTER OF A BILL that they want to OVERWHELM US WITH and we must not let them hide in the darkness!


Visit Team Sarah at:




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