12 10 2009

Messiah Obama

The world awoke Monday to the shocking news that Barack Hussein Obama was passed over for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences!

MarketWatch has an article by its assistant managing editor Tom Bemis:

“While few observers think Obama has done anything for world peace in the nearly nine months he’s been in office, the same clearly can’t be said for economics.

The president has worked tirelessly since even before his inauguration to wrest control of the U.S. economy from failed free markets, and the evil CEOs who profit from them, and to turn it over to wise, fair and benevolent bureaucrats.

From his $787 billion stimulus package, to the cap-and-trade bill, to the seizures of General Motors and Chrysler, to the undead health-care “reform” act, Obama has dominated the U.S., and therefore the global, economy as few figures have in recent years.

Yet the Nobel panel chose instead to award the prize to two obscure academics — Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson — one noted for her work on managing collective resources, and the other for his work on transaction costs. See full story on the Nobel winners.

Even more shocking is the fact that, last Sunday, October 11, Pope Benedict XVI had the nerve to canonize Father Damien of Molokai instead of Barack Hussein Obama!

Saint Damien (1840-1889) was a Roman Catholic priest from Belgium who dedicated his life to lepers confined on the island of Mokokai, Hawaii. He eventually contracted and died of leprosy.


Can the world recover from this outrageous slighting of President Obama?





One response

12 10 2009

That’s it…….no more Charity checks from me to the Noble Panel

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