Will USA Choose Freedom?

11 10 2009

This is an important read. Please try and read this when you have nothing distracting you.



Out of Touch

-By Dan Scott

aaTake Country BAckA turning point in US history has come; either the Elites who advocate for the statist cause for control prevails or the self-governance by the citizenry prevails. We are at the tipping point of government micromanagement versus individual responsibility (power). Unless you have been living as a hermit these past few years most people now recognize the stark choice that is before the country. Will the government be allowed to usurp individual choice and responsibility without opposition by reason of clever arguments by those who claim they know better or will the people rise up and clean house in the 2010 elections to remove the Elites? Who runs the country? The Elites or the People?

The following quotes are brought up for your consideration regarding the attitudes and behavior of government officials (Elites) regarding self-rule in a Republic.

“Everybody thinks there’s still an appetite for California bonds,” Lockyer said. “There’s certainly a continuing need for long-term investments in schools, high-speed rail, stem-cell research centers and so on.”



As you can see, the idea of fiscal restraint to prioritize government action in the face of limited resources does not exist. Furthermore, notice what are considered investments? All three are liberal boondoggles. Public schools are turning out less and less high school graduates each year as a percent of enrollment yet more and more money is thrown ineffectively at the situation doubling down using the same failed methods. Bureaucrats are foisting their vision of the future with expensive (billions) pipe dreams of high speed rail that is neither cost effective or energy efficient and (embryonic) stem cell research which has never produced even one medical therapy. Had the billions wasted on these boondoggles been not diverted from investment in the economy, millions of jobs would have been created. Money it seems can be borrowed without thought of repayment and printed as monopoly paper without consequence destroying its underlying value. The national debt is spiraling out of control on a federal level due to the same sky’s the limit mentality of the Elites at the State level who believe they know better.

In a rare public rebuke of state government and policies delivered by a sitting judge, the chief justice of the California Supreme Court scathingly criticized the state’s reliance on the referendum process, arguing that it has “rendered our state government dysfunctional.”



A chief justice of California denounces self-governance as a means of restraint on spend thrift government officials. Were it not for the referendums (Propositions), California would be far deeper in debt than the $38 billion hole government officials have dug themselves and the taxpayer. Their solution would be to tax the economy into poverty sooner than already has occurred. But as you see here, any thought of cutting spending is not even seriously considered. The judge like the rest of the Elite believe government spending is thee engine of the economy, it isn’t. The source of all tax dollars collected by government comes from the private economy. Therefore, all money taken (confiscated via taxation) from private enterprise is money not used for investment in job creation. No matter how many people the government employs or subsidizes with free benefits, none of that confiscated money stimulates the economy; on the contrary, it acts to depress the economy because there is no investment in manufacturing. Wealth redistribution does not work as it takes money from productive investments and misdirects them to consumption spending. We have a real world example of a government attempting to be the prime mover of the economy, Cuba. Nearly 95% are employed by government, yet on a per capita basis the country ranks not in the top 10%, not in the top 20%, nor in the top 50% of countries in the world. The only reason why Cuba is not on the very bottom of the list is due to free and highly discounted oil from Venezuela and tourism from Europe. Now that Europe is in recession, tourism is down and times have gotten very hard in Cuba.

Obama also called on Congress to repeal the Defense Of Marriage Act, which limits how state, local and federal bodies can recognize partnerships and determine benefits. He also called for a law to extend benefits to domestic partners.



The point of self-governance is for the public to decide what culture they want, not what some small group of people want that is the essence of a Republic. The culture of this country concerning marriage is one man and one woman and not one of the Elites are willing to put this to a public vote. They know just like in California, a state known for relatively liberal thinking, they rejected same sex unions repeatedly. Only the Courts and Politicians are pushing the issue, not the public. The Elites have rejected voting for cleverly worded polls. The reason why voting and opinion polls are different is because a vote is scheduled on a date certain well in advance for people to come to an informed decision by research and debate of the CHOICE set before them. Whereas, a poll is impromptu forcing a person to make an UNINFORMED choice without being allowed to fully form their opinion based on information not currently available to them. A poll is merely a snapshot of uninformed opinion and hardly any basis to make a culture changing choice. Only those who have a hidden agenda deliberately seek to suppress informed choices.

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama praised past and current political leaders from across the spectrum who have come forward to support reform. Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and drug companies have already expressed their support. In the past several days Governor Schwarzenegger, Mayor Bloomberg, former Senate Major Leader Bob Dole, and former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, among others, have all come forward to say that the status quo is unsustainable and that now is the time to reform the system.



Everyone agrees some reform of the health care system is warranted, however, contrary to what Barack Obama would lead people to believe with his deceptive rhetoric, most people don’t define reform as the Public Option, eliminating Medicare Advantage, eliminating home health care from Medicare and insuring illegal aliens. Barack Obama says reform won’t cover illegal aliens, however out of the other side of his mouth he says illegals must be given a form of amnesty to bring them on the path of citizenship. Decorum not withstanding, Representative Joseph Wilson was absolutely correct, President Obama lied. Talking out of both sides of one’s mouth is lying. Intentionally misleading people by secretly redefining the meaning of words without sharing that new definition is lying. Only an Elite that is out of touch with the public would seek to deceive in this manner.

If you believe in what the Founding Fathers vision of America was then you know what the Elites are now proposing has nothing in common with that vision. You know that because the Declaration of Independence was manifestly clear why we separated from Britain, usurpation of power by the government. “The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.” The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution not only reflect but also codify what the Founders believed when they signed the Declaration of Independence. In the absence of express public consent, government may not usurp power when it is inconvenient or the public doesn’t buy arguments in favor of doing it. It is said that Justice delayed is Justice denied, however, this is obfuscation to the underlying truth. When government usurps power it denies Justice by disempowering its people: Justice denied is tyranny established. On November 2, 2010 we have a choice to make. Do we like sheep allow our freedom of individual choice be shorn from us like wool to be micromanaged by the those who think they know better or do we act like sheep dogs instinctually guarding our freedom fending off the wolves for future generations?

The Declaration of Independence




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12 10 2009

Collectivists are like locusts, and they choose chains.

Balkanized enclaves of Americans will resist: Those who treasure the fruits of Western Civilization and the crowning acheivement of the Constitution.

Collectivists always use use massive force to slaughter those who would resist assimilation.

Live Free, or Die.

12 10 2009

What we are soon going to be mired in is going to be far worse than any economic depression you could come up with, and it’s going to make the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s look like a bump in the road.

We are staring straight down the barrel of a total disintegration of our monetary system. Of course, we have been barreling down this road for decades, and the only thing Obama has done is jump behind the wheel and open up the valve on the nitrous oxide.

You have to give the left credit, as they are going to destroy this country (which has always been their goal) in such a fashion that we may very well be unable to stop it, not to mention rebuild our country, no matter what we do.

Shortly after we have hit the skids in earnest, WW IV will be raging like mad, and we will be unable to do anything about it.

Our elected representatives have failed us, and we have failed America by repeatedly sending them back to office every election cycle.

Shame on us all.


12 10 2009
Cec Moon

Dave, I totally agree that we have previously failed by returning those to office who are in fact, enemies of the people.

There appears to me that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel–and it’s not an oncoming train. Even though it is anecdotal, I am sensing a change. Many of my friends who tolerate my wild-eyed fanaticism for liberty have started to ask me serious question. I have a sense that they are earnestly seeking answers which are not available elsewhere. They know that I study, travel and write in support of my (and their) beliefs. Recently, they are coming to get the straight story. Many do not have Internet access or I would just send them to a blog–mine, Gio’s, Pelican Marsh, or any of the other 25,000 that are pretty much saying the same thing.

I don’t say this to elevate any understanding I might have but to point that each of us may well be the only straight news resource available for our friends, family or neighbors. All of us who regularly read the various posts on this or other blogs have a richer appreciation of what is going on. My personal experience is that these folks are hungry for the truth. This condition is ramping up by the day and I would certainly love to hear from others who are experiencing the same thing–or not.

We have a tremendous responsibility to our loved ones and fellow citizens to keep on doing what we do. In so doing we must be scrupulously honest in that which we share to avoid error and any hint of hiding anything from those who are seeking our opinion. These folks can get that crap from Washington anytime and any day. I disavow any party connection from henceforth to not have to excuse the faults and foibles that the party structures have become know for. I am a conservative. I believe in freedom for the individual and the country. Keep the labels–I’ve had enough.

13 10 2009

“We have a tremendous responsibility to our loved ones and fellow citizens to keep on doing what we do. ”

That we do.


13 10 2009


We all have our reasons, in my case it’s my granddaughter. I could be living a rather stress-free life right now if not for the mess this country is in. Deep down inside I feel as if it is my duty to leave my granddaughter the best country possible.

If and when the poop hits the fan, I want to witness who stands-up and who cowers. Fighting to save your country and your family is probably the most honorable thing you can do in one mans lifetime. In the meantime, we educate, we plan, we take care of our families, and when that time comes, may God be on our side.


12 10 2009

Cec: The ONLY hyphen I will ever use in describing myself is between Conservative and American. I am and always will be a Conservative-American. I heard on Fox News today one of the commentators (I think it was Bret Baier) saying that most right-leaning Americans are conservative, not Republican. I was called by the RNC a couple of weeks ago asking for a donation. I politely informed them that I would donate to the candidates of my choice. They again asked for a donation and said it would be spread among all Republicans, and I patiently explained to them that I don’t support any particular party. Once again they asked, and I sternly told them that I was a conservative and I would donate only to the candidates of my choice. So, it’s the entire political system who can’t take NO for an answer. Guess I was rambling, but I haven’t vented for several days, so it was time. 🙂 Hope everyone has a good night!

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