Nobel Blowback

10 10 2009
Isn't his head already big enough?

Isn't his head already big enough?

Some critical reactions to the 5-member Norwegian Nobel Committee’s awarding the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Hussein Obama:

Lech Walesa, the anti-communist dissident, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, who became post-communist Poland’s first President:

“Who, Obama? So fast? Too fast — he hasn’t had the time to do anything yet. For the time being Obama’s just making proposals. But sometimes the Nobel Committee awards the prize to encourage responsible action.”

Bobby Muller, who won the Nobel Prize as co-founder of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, told The Times:

“I don’t have the highest regard for the thinking or process of the Nobel committee. Maybe Norway should give it to Sweden so they can more properly handle the Peace Prize along with all the other Nobel prizes.”

Claus Christian Malzahn of Der Spiegel:

“The Nobel Peace Prize has come too early for Barack Obama. The US president cannot point to any real diplomatic successes to date and there are few prospects of any to come. Obama is just getting started. Awarding him the Nobel Prize now is like giving a medal to a marathon runner who has just managed the first few kilometers. The situation in Iraq is still fragile; in Afghanistan, it has even got worse. Despite the massive efforts by the US administration, there seems little immediate prospect of reaching a compromise between the Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East. The Iranian regime is still playing its nuclear games with the West at the diplomatic level, while at home one dissident after another is put on the scaffold. A nuclear-armed Pakistan looks close to collapse, while in North Korea, Dr. Strangelove is stroking his bomb….

It is, therefore, very likely that Obama will reconsider and revise his diplomatic initiatives during his term in office — he might even scrap some of them all together. Perhaps then he might resort to measures other than hackneyed speeches. Maybe then we would overlook the fist in his pocket which he keeps there in case his other, outstretched hand doesn’t have the desired effect. Will he need to return the prize if he takes that fist out? …After all, it’s a president that Americans want in the White House — not an ideal dreamt up by Oslo.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele:

“The real question Americans are asking is, ‘What has President Obama actually accomplished? It is unfortunate that the president’s star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights.”

Rush Limbaugh said that awarding the prize to such an unaccomplished president is a “greater embarrassment” than Obama’s recent failed bid to bring the Olympic Games to Chicago:

“This fully exposes the illusion that is Barack Obama. And with this ‘award’ the elites of the world are urging Obama, THE MAN OF PEACE, to not do the surge in Afghanistan, not take action against Iran and its nuclear program and to basically continue his intentions to emasculate the United States. They love a weakened, neutered U.S., and this is their way of promoting that concept.”

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan:

“the giving of the peace prize to President Obama is absurd. He doesn’t have a body of work; he’s a young man; he’s been president less than nine months. He hopes to accomplish much, and so far — nine months! — has accomplished little. Is this a life of heroic self-denial, of the sacrifice of self for something greater, of huge and historic consequence, of sustained vision? No it’s not. Is this a life marked by a vivid and calculable contribution to the peace of the world? No, it’s not.

This is an award for not being George W. Bush. This is an award for not making the world nervous. This is an award for sharing the basic political sentiments and assumptions of the members of the committee. It is for what Barack Obama may do, not what he has done. He hasn’t done anything.

In one mindless stroke, the committee has rendered the Nobel Peace Prize a laughingstock, perhaps for as long as a generation.”

Talk radio host Michael Savage:

“What has [Obama] done? Has he discovered a cure for brain cancer I don’t know about? We all know what the Nobel Prize committee is ever since Yasir Arafat won. It’s a radical leftist front group that hijacked Alfred Nobel’s prize.”

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, released the following statement:

“Bestowing the Nobel Prize on the most rabid pro-abortion president in history is a direct slap in the face to past recipient, Mother Teresa of Calcutta who said, upon receiving her Nobel Peace Prize: ‘the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing – direct murder by the mother herself.'” Brown said. “In awarding the prize to Obama, the Nobel Committee is announcing that abortion is the cornerstone of a hellish ‘peace’ – the damning silence of 51 million aborted children in the United States alone. The Nobel Committee has bestowed the ‘Peace Prize’ on a man dedicated to war in the womb.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks on PBS’s Oct. 9 “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”:

“Well, my first reaction is he should have won all the prizes because he has given speeches about peace, but also he’s give economic speeches. He wrote a book – that’s literature. He has biological elements within his body. He could win that prize. He could have swept the whole prizes. Now – it’s sort of a joke. Yeah, I mean it’s a bit of a travesty. Iranian people are protesting, risking their livers on the street to actually do something. People in organizations decade after decade risking their lives, who actually need a publicity boost. And, the idea that he would win it with five Norwegian lefties, to me it’s something of a joke and I do think it will hurt him. The last thing he needs now is to be treated as the global Messiah. People want him paying attention to local issues. And I personally think it would have been certainly dramatic and maybe the right thing to do to turn it down.”

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, who is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, said:

“I was stunned and amazed. And I have to say that I kind of agree with President Obama when he said, ‘To be honest I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many transformational figures.’ Neither do I. I don’t understand this prize. And I actually, I think it reflects poorly on the Nobel Committee more than it does on President Obama who I presume did not nominate himself two weeks after he became president. And I don’t think it’s necessarily particularly good news for President Obama because it raises all those questions about the celebrity. Remember John McCain’s ad – where is the substance, what’s he actually done? He was being lampooned on ‘Saturday Night Live’ just a few weeks ago for not having done anything. And now he gets this prize, for what? And you know, what is he going to top it with next year. What’s next?”

“Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer on Friday’s CBS Early Show:

“My first reaction was, ‘what?!…. It’s almost as if they’re saying ‘we’re giving you the Nobel Peace Prize for winning the election.’…I can’t recall anybody who won this prize for his aspirations. People usually get it for results…. It’s almost as if the committee today was giving Barack Obama a prize for not being George Bush.”

And now…

my choice as the best and most truthful reaction of all —

A White House aide, reportedly WH spokesperson Robert Gibbs, when told the news, asked ABC’s Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos:

“It’s not April 1, is it?”






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10 10 2009

Well, as many have suspected, the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City has decided not to make us all wait out the grueling College Football season and has gone ahead and awarded the Heisman to Barack Obama. This follows the decision by MLB, the NHL, the NFL, and the NBA to award Obama with their ultimate trophies. Obama went to his favorite monument, the Lincoln Memorial, for the photo op:

11 10 2009

He should have declined it. Anyone with no accomplishments and a shred of decency would have. It’s the audacity of dope. He’s a clown, a dunce, and a duh. Humbled, my a**. What a crock the committee has become.

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