It’s the Taliban Peace Prize

10 10 2009
A US soldier praying in Afghanistan

A soldier finds solace during a Sunday service at the Airborne chapel in Afghanistan

The Dark Side: Taliban Peace Prize For Obama

October 9, 2009 – Posted by Bruce Kesler

One of my dearest, longest and most respected friends has stared more deeply and widely into the dark side of reality than anyone.  We just discussed my “Davy Crockett attitude” toward President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. My way of being is to find reasons to smile in the face of challenges.  I, also, believe this travesty further removes him from the ability of serious-minded people to support him.

My friend is qualified to be less sanguine: he served as a combat advisor in Vietnam , a MSM war correspondent in SE Asia, a refugee worker for the Cambodians who could escape massacre, became a Catholic priest, served at the Vatican , is currently a challenging professor of philosophy at a major college, and continues his priestly ministering.

Here’s what my friend has to say about what he titles “Taliban Peace Prize For Obama.”  (My friend chooses to withhold his name from this post, so as not to intrude politics into his classroom or ministry.)

Giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is an even more political act than giving it to Arafat. More shrewd as well.

The Nobel committee hopes to influence Obama’s decisions on Afghanistan . Now that he is an internationally recognized man of peace, he is not going to order a surge in Afhanistan. McChrystal won’t get the troops he says he needs.

The White House has been preparing this ground for months, suggesting that since Al Qaeda is now weak a Taliban return to power needn’t worry us. We can live with that, they say off the record. The great military thinkers Joe Biden, John Kerry, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod have developed a long-range John Murtha strategy that will operate along the lines of a video game: if you see movement on the screen, push a button.

And with the Taliban back in power, we won’t have to worry about messy elections. But what about those who fought with us? What has the Taliban in store for them? If Afghanistan were not a land-locked country, we could expect thousands of boat people.

But not to worry. When asked about a possible bloodbath following a hasty withdrawal from Iraq , Obama said he didn’t really have a problem with it and its possibility should not determine policy. He won’t have a problem with it in Afghanistan either. After all, we’ve been told, Afghanistan , like Vietnam or Iraq before the surge, was always unwinnable. We’ll accept a certain number of refugees to help ease the short-term sting of conscience over betraying an allly. But as with all vices, repetition makes the practice easier. This won’t be the first time we’ve betrayed an ally.

It will destoy the military, of course, but by the time that becomes clear Obama will have passed from the scene.
Also read this on Obama’s attitude toward bloodbath in Iraq , and this commentary on the political award to President Obama.

~Submitted by Eowyn




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10 10 2009

There’s been a lot of talk about how he can actually use the NPP as cover to expand the depth of the war with more troops; that the award is somehow verification of his Doveness for the two people to his political left. I don’t see it that way. I think this guy never had the desire to increase our involvement in Afghanistan.

I’m guessing that the plan from the outset was to punt this war, along with Iraq, the Missile Shield, and just about every other foreign policy position until he was able to get his domestic engineering experiments in place. This would have given him true political cover because he would’ve had the backing of the majority of democrat and probably independent voters. Having failed to accomplish that with the speed an enthusiasm they anticipated, they are now caught blatantly stalling their decision to withdraw these troops. Like so many other policy positions they’ve made thus far (Stimulus, Omnibus, Cap-n-Trade, Health Care destruction, etc.) they’ve failed to understand the true reasons they occupy the White House, and still believe they’ve got some kind of mandate to govern from the left of Castro.

My prediction: 5000 new troops for training purposes only. Little to no civilian support increase. Lackluster calls for additional NATO troops that’ll be completely ignored. And increased restrictions on rules-of-engagement. After a ramp up in US casualties, he’ll declare the war unwinnable, blame Bush, and begin sending helicopters to Saigon. He’s no war-time president.

11 10 2009

My greatest fear is coming to fruition. We have a president in a time of war that will only do what looks good to other nations. He wants to be president of the world, not the USA. If he even considers what you suggested, then we immediately lose. This will undoubtedly cause senseless death and injuries.

I propose that our military in Afghanistan take some R&R until they hear back from their SOB of a CIC. No sense in getting anyone killed if Obama decides we need to fight to lose.


11 10 2009

Agreed. I’m wondering how we’re supposed to confront the enemy on the battlefield if we’re concentrating only on al Qaeda and not the Taliban. Do we ask? “Excuse me sir. Yes, you there…with the RPG launcher. Are you Taliban or aQ?” He’s a disgrace. He’s no CiC. He’s worse than Clinton (whose impending election was one of the reason’s I left the Marine Corps.) He’s LBJ with an anti-war following THAT HE EMBRACES.

5000 token troops- you watch. McCrystal will stay on, then quietly retire within 6 months.

11 10 2009

Want to know what Obama is going to do?

Use the link to “The Obama Files” on the right side of the page here and read the post from 10-10-2009 titled, “Obama’s Agenda”, In the first paragraph is a link to a very eyeopening article. It explains how all of Obama’s actions are intended to bring down the U.S. as a superpower. After reading it I took a walk to cool off.

In the mail today we got a letter from the Eagle Forum, on the envelope was a picture of school children, they were shown with their hands on their hearts and the caption was-“I Pledge Allegiance to the United Nations Charter…”. Obama wants to ratify the U.N. convention (treaty) on the Rights of the Child. This will give European bureaucrats power to tell parents how they can raise their children. Needless to say, I will be writing my senators to oppose this action!!!

When anyone hears anything about who will be organizing America’s 2nd Revolution to take back our government, PLEASE let me know so I can sign up!!

11 10 2009


As a more recent member of Giovanni’s World, I can assure you that most of the regulars, and myself, believe the second revolution is not far off. And what the College Professor writes in that link you mention, we have covered here on the blog. I don’t tell you this to make us look better than another blog or individual, I’m telling you this so you will know that most of us here understand what’s going on. I originally started this blog to make fun of the Ecofascists that were screaming that “the sky was falling”, but in a matter of weeks of me starting this blog, Obama was pulling ahead of John McCain. I was no big fan of McCain but I knew it was time to start doing some serious homework on Obama. What I found out was frightening, and ever since that day I have been trying to inform anyone that would stop-by long enough to listen.

The very first link I posted on this blog is called “45 Communist Goals for America”. It’s the very first link in the blog roll. Read that and you start to understand how long they have worked, and how long they have waited for an Obama to come along and take them to the promised land, Communist Utopia.

Below are 4 links to check out. The first one explains Obama’s 20 year membership in a Church where Christianity was just a front. The second link is fairly long, but it’s a good education of how the Communists have been working to take us down for a long time. The third link is also fairly long but it pieces together some of how little we really know about the man. Ditto for the fourth link. The last link has a list of links you can pick and choose as you go to learn even more about this mans agenda. I can promise you that some of what you read will make you lose your cool, but it’s better to know the truth.

We have tried to let people know what to expect, and those like yourself that come here and are willing to read some of the info provided, will benefit by knowing what most people choose to ignore. Although we seem to be losing ground to his royal commie POS, I get the feeling that we may be on a roll. Not this blog, the country. People are slowly waking up, I just wish they would wake up faster. You know, before we lose the country.

So, if you are looking to join the 2nd revolution here are a few things you can do now to help. First… learn all you can about Obama. Second… pass on the information you learn to anyone and everyone you can. At first people will think you are a little crazy, but you will win them over in the long run. Thirdly… hang out with like-minded folks. We hope you will hang out with us, but if you find that you cannot for some reason, find a place that has people that will support and understand you. Stocking up on ammo is also a good idea.

Almost forgot… say a prayer for our military and our country every single night you lay your head down on a pillow.

One more thing… we (the blog) can now say that we are closing in on having approximately 2,000 unique visitors per day. I wish more of them would join the conversation but that is normal for most blogs. I tell you this so you never feel alone when you come here. You have many friends here!


11 10 2009

Thank You Gio. 😉

I read the first blog, 45 communist Goals for America, when I first came to your site. That is one reason why I stayed, another is You do keep us informed on what is happening, and I feel a genuine desire from the people here to change things back to our original constitution. Most importantly, you all believe in God, and believe he is the Head of our country.
I will be busy reading the links you mention, so if you don’t hear from me, know I am not gone just reading.
I do pray every night, for our troops, our country, and everyone at Giovanni’s World, And give thanks for Jesus Christ.
Thank You for the friendship.


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